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York Latitude Furnace Overview

Standing at only 33 inches tall, York’s Latitudе line of gas furnaces were built with affordability and dependable performance in mind. The Latitude line includes the TG9S and the TG8S, both of which rely on a single-stage burner design as well as a 4-speed PSC fan motor. Both models use a tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger, although the TG9S also has a secondary heat exchanger made of a corrosion-resistant material. This series is designed to run on natural gas, although conversion to propane is an option. The Latitude line has a heating input range of 40 to 130 Mbh and can be installed in the following configurations: upflow, horizontal left or right, or downflow.

The TG9S is an Energy Star product and the more energy efficient of the two, with a 95.5 percent AFUE rating. The TG8S has an 80 percent AFUE rating. Both carry the Good Housekeeping Seal and both were designed to operate at low sound levels.

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York Latitude Furnace Reviews

"New York furnace"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We like the furnace overall. It has a very small footprint, much shorter than our old furnace, which is nice. And the 95% efficiency is also very good. Downside is that the blower is powerful and the unit is somewhat louder than our old furnace. The burners may also be a tad louder than the old Trane 80% unit. Perhaps all new, 90 furnaces are like this nowadays. Size-wise, it was sized at 60k input when ideally we needed a slightly smaller unit for our heat load, about 50k. I hope this is not too oversized for the house. Overall it seems like a nice furnace and the lifetime heat exchanger warranty gives us peace of mind. I’d recommend the brand overall.


"Excellent product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a single woman and the guys did not try to sell me anything more than what I could afford and needed at the time. I wish I could have gotten the A/C at the same time but did not have the money for it then, so hopefully sometime soon I will be able to afford to add air conditioning to my home. But I never was pushed to have this done at the time. It was a very nice gentleman who was out here installing the new equipment, I never felt pressured.

Greenville, SC

"York review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I’m very happy with the furnace, but there was something I was disappointed with. This furnace was advertised as being 95% efficient. The state offers rebates for systems that are 95% efficient, but when I went to apply for the rebate, they told me the heating part is 95, but the type of blower motor that was part of it lowered its efficiency to 90%, which disqualified me from the rebate. I wish I had known that before I bought it. I’m sure I would have opted for the more efficient one. I feel I was b s’d by the system.

Boston, MA

"Hi-Temperature Switch"

3.0 rating

We’ve owned this unit now for 28 days and the high temperature switch went bad. The fan ran continuously… even when I had the unit turned off. The only solution was to turn it off at the breaker box. We were told that there is a York recall (haven’t been able to find any recalls), and that they’ve had to replace about 11 of them now with an adjustable thermostat switch. The factory one was set at 140 or 160 degrees, and the new one is set at 200 degrees. 20 minutes for the technician to replace, and we’re back in business. Other than this problem, the furnace has been great. We hope this was an isolated incident, and not just the start of problems to come.


"YORK Latitude system"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had my Lennox system replaced with a York furnace and York Affinity condenser. This system has saved me 20% on my energy bills! In my previous home, I had a Trane. This system is the quietest system too! I would recommend a York system to anyone!

Powder Springs, GA

Other Latitude Reviews

Reviews across the web are primarily favorable for this series. Many owners love the units for their small size, as well as their energy efficiency. Among the problems posted is one homeowner's complaint on hvac-talk.com about the noise his TG9S is making. The issue ends up not being with the unit itself and seems to have been caused by a glitch during installation with the piping; contractors on this site say this particular unit should have an intake pipe rather than simply an exhaust pipe. This homeowner also discovers via contractors on this board that a delay in the blower's operation is normal as the furnace starts to work, as the furnace's control board needs to reset its blower to move from a "fan on" setting to begin performing the heating operation.

York Latitude Model Numbers

The Latitude is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TG9S040A08MP11 95.5 40,000
TG9S060A10MP11 95.5 60,000
TG9S060B12MP11 95.5 60,000
TG9S080B12MP11 95.5 80,000
TG9S080C16MP11 95.5 80,000
TG9S080C22MP11 95.5 80,000
TG9S100C16MP11 95.5 100,000
TG9S100C20MP11 95.5 100,000
TG9S120D16MP11 95.5 120,000
TG9S120D20MP11 95.5 120,000
TG9S130D20MP11 95.5 130,000

Latitude Warranty

The warranty for both Latitude furnaces includes a 10-year limited parts warranty, provided that the unit is registered online within the first 90 days of installation. If a homeowner fails to register the unit during this time window, it automatically defaults to a 5-year limited parts warranty. There also is a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger for the original owner of a Latitude furnace and a 20-year warranty for the subsequent homeowner.

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