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York GY9 Furnace Overview

The York GY9 furnace is a single-stage high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE rating up to 92 percent. It is Energy Star-qualified, has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and can be used in homes and commercial locations.

With downflow or horizontal applications, this furnace can be vented through a sidewall or roof with a single-pipe or two-pipe vent. The GY9’s size of only 40 inches allows it to be installed in many locations throughout the home while remaining easy to access for maintenance since the control box is located in the front of the unit.

The primary heat exchanger features a tubular aluminized steel design with few parts and a simple path for gas flow. The secondary, condensing heat exchanger is manufactured from durable stainless steel. The cooling SEER is improved by the blower-off delay and efficiency is improved by the electric hot surface ignition. Safety features for the GY9 include a 100 percent shut-off main gas valve and protection from intake, exhaust or condensate blockages.

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York GY9 Furnace Reviews

"2 year warranty 12 years of problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I understand this was a lower spec home builders model. Did not know that when purchased. Replaced 1 circuit board under warranty. Items not replaced under warranty: 1 blower unit and motor, 2 additional circuit boards, ignitor, 3 pressure switches, temperature sensor, another small electrical component. After 12 years of use, inducer exhaust fan needs replacement at the lowest retail price of $250 plus tax and labor decided this furnace was no longer worth dumping money into. This model of York has been an annual concern of repair or replacing something on it.

Huntingburg, IN

"Broken most of the time"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought with a new house in 2008. I eventually found out that the furnace was set up at the factory for a vertical install. The contractor reconfigured it for a horizontal install. It never worked properly from day one. It would run for a few minutes, then blow cold air for an hour. After 7 service calls from the contractor that installed it, all under warranty, the service manager finally came out and immediately noted that the original furnace installer (his employee) did not hook up various hoses correctly. This problem was not noticed by the 7 previous service techs that examined the furnace. The incorrect install caused the condensation water to back up and not drain properly, ultimately resulting in water flooding the emergency overflow metal pan beneath the furnace. It almost overflowed and would have come through ceiling if the emergency overflow had not worked properly. After the manager set it up to his satisfaction, it ran correctly for a while, but every year it has various error codes related to pressure switches. I have installed two new draft induction motors. I would never buy one of these again.

Sacramento, CA

"York furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In seven years had to replace 3 inducer motors plus numerous switches. Every year we have to call service during coldest time of year (it goes out). It costs a lot of money to repair and without heat for 3 days. It is the worst furnace I have ever dealt with. Does this company have service techs to fix the problems? But they are trying to sell these products at malls.

piqua ohio

Other GY9 Reviews

Online inquiries regarding York’s GY9 primarily involve the codes provided by the diagnostic system. In most cases, the problems are electronic and lead homeowners to call a service technician to visit the home and examine the unit.

Among other inquiries, a poster on doityourself.com asks online technicians for help when a diagnostic code indicates a problem with a stuck pressure switch. The poster cleaned all surrounding tubing, sensors and other parts on his approximately 7-year-old furnace. Ultimately, with the help of the techs, the reviewer determines he needs a new inducer to replace one that has somehow shattered.

York GY9 Model Numbers

The GY9 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
GY9F048B12UP11 95 48,000
GY9F064C16UP11 95 64,000
GY9F080C16UP11 95 80,000
GY9F096D20UP11 95 96,000

GY9 Warranty

York offers a lifetime warranty on the GY9’s heat exchanger and a 5-year parts warranty for residential applications. For commercial use, the heat exchanger and parts are covered for 10 years. York also offers a “Care Comfort Plan” that protects homeowners from the costs of unexpected repairs, and offers parts and labor protection for 10 years.

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