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York Deluxe Diamond 80 Furnace Overview

The York Deluxe Diamond 80 is a two-stage variable speed furnace with an eighty percent AFUE rating. The Deluxe Diamond 80 comes in two-stage Upflow/Horizontal and Downflow Models. It has an insulated blower for quiet operation and a timed-on and adjustable-off blower. The heat exchanger is made of aluminized steel to prevent corrosion.

Furnace Filters for the York Deluxe Diamond 80

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filter Size(s)
Upflow 14.5″ 14x26x1 (bottom)
16x26x1 (side)
Upflow 17.5″ 16x26x1 (side)
16x26x1 (bottom)
Upflow 21″ Two 16x26x1 (side)
20x26x1 (bottom)
Upflow 24.5″ Two 16x26x1s (side)
24x26x1 (bottom)
Downflow All Two 14x20x1s

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Consumer Reviews of York Deluxe Diamond 80


  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
  • #12 of 20 York Furnace
  • 33.33% of customers recommended

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York Deluxe Diamond 80 Furnace Reviews

"It’s garbage with continuous failures"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Blower fan, control board, CFM board, gas valve, inducer motor, and other stuff… all things that have failed on this useless, garbage, hopeless furnace. It’s old… hopefully not available anymore if it is free… stay away from it!!!!


"Great and cool"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Great Machine, great install contractor. No mess, very professional. Recommend to anyone that asks.

Viola, IL

"York Forced Air Furnace Manufacturer Defect"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a York Deluxe Diamond 80 Furnace in 2003. The weld on the blower bracket has failed on two seprate blower units in the middle of winter in the last 5 years. Repair people said the unit is notorious for this. Stay away


Other Deluxe Diamond 80 Reviews

A thread on the doityourself.com forum shows that several consumers have experienced problems with the control board and ignition system on the York Deluxe Diamond 80. They report the control board flashes and that they need to manually light the furnace. Experts recommended consulting a certified York technician if possible to see if a new control board is needed and to wire it properly.

And an owner of the Deluxe Diamond 80 on hvac-talk.com expresses satisfaction with his York Diamond 80 furnace and wants to upgrade to a Deluxe Diamond 80 for two-stage performance.

Askmehelpdesk.com lists a number of posts of customers also complaining of the furnace blowing only cold air. The answer to the cold air problem appeared to be replacing the flame sensor and igniter.

York Deluxe Diamond 80 Model Numbers

The Deluxe Diamond 80 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
P1DDA12N04801 80 57,000
P1DDA12N06401 80 80,000
P1DDB12N08001 80 100,000
P1DDB16N06401 80 80,000
P1DDC20N09601 80 120,000
P1DUA12L04801 80 57,000
P1DUA12L06401 80 80,000
P1DUA12N04801 80 57,000
P1DUA12N06401 80 80,000
P1DUA12V06401 80 80,000
P1DUB12N08001 80 100,000
P1DUB16L06401 80 80,000
P1DUB16N06401 80 80,000
P1DUB16V08001 80 100,000
P1DUC16N09601 80 120,000
P1DUC20L08001 80 100,000
P1DUC20L09601 80 120,000
P1DUC20N08001 80 100,000
P1DUC20N09601 80 120,000
P1DUC20V08001 80 100,000
P1DUC20V09601 80 120,000

Deluxe Diamond 80 Warranty

Customers should register for the warranty within ninety days of purchase or it will revert to a five-year limited parts warranty. Registry is available online at the York website.

  • Twenty-year limited warranty available for the heat exchangers
  • Five-year limited warranty provided on parts
  • Extended warranties available for more complete coverage

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