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York LX Air Conditioner Overview

The York LX is a split-system air conditioner available in two models, the YCJF and the YCJD. The YCJF is a single phase, Energy Star certified unit with an efficiency of 14.5 SEER, while the YCJD is available as both a single phase and a three phase and has an efficiency of 13 SEER. The LX has a capacity of 1.5 — 5 tons and features a compact design with a MicroChannel coil to save space. An enclosed, permanently lubricated fan motor provides quiet operation and low maintenance. The LX uses R-410A refrigerant.

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York LX Air Conditioner Reviews

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"York Sells Defective Products"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased this A/C model # YCJD42S41S1 and the fan coil #F5FP048H06T3X 28 months ago. This system is defective and should be recalled. After 13 months, the motor failed and I had to have it replaced. Something as basic as the fan motor. Because it was more than 12 months, I had to pay to have it installed. Now 1 year later, the coil is failing and has also to be replaced. I called a contractor listed on the York website and he quoted me $1,100.00 to replace or $2,200 to replace the air handler completely. When I complained to the York Area Manager, he informed me that the contractors on the York website are only listed there because they pay York money to get listed. Not because they know what they are doing or are ethical. He recommended I get a 2nd opinion. I told him the first one had cost me over $200.00. Then he started to blame everybody. First it was the corruption of the A/C industries, the salt in the air, then the installer. The truth is that it's my fault for buying York without researching it first. Looks like this mistake is going to cost me $5000.00.

F. Hernandez

Miami, Fl

"York 3.5T 13SAC R410A"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Sorry I didn't read these reviews before I bought unit. But I trusted my installer to choose a reliable brand. Purchased my York unit in May 2009. Have nothing but trouble after 2 years, right when the extended labor warranty expired. Parts still under warranty but not coolant or labor. Part in attic leaked and ruined my ceiling. Outside part has been almost completely replaced. Had to add a "booster" to the compressor this week.

J. Schwandt

New Orleans

"York Central Air Conditioner"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I just had a York lx 13 seer outside air conditioning unit installed. It is way too loud. A/C is supposed to help you relax, but I can't stand the sound of it. I can hear it everywhere on my property. I can hear it inside my house in the basement on the opposite side of the house. It is nerve racking and I am stressed about this all the time. This unit was a waste of my hard earned money. I do not recommend this to anyone. Don't buy this!

Linda Marshall

Arnold, MD

Other LX Reviews

In a comparison on gardenweb.com between the York LX and a similar Carrier model, a contributor stated that the LX is a good, quiet unit, and recommended the 14.5 SEER unit over the 13 SEER. Another thread on gardenweb.com found a couple of consumers calling the LX a good, reliable unit.

LX Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the York LX air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited parts warranty
  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor

If not registered within 90 days, the parts warranty reverts to a 5-year limited warranty. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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