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York LX Air Conditioner Overview

The York LX is a split-system air conditioner available in two models, the YCJF and the YCJD. The YCJF is a single phase, Energy Star certified unit with an efficiency of 14.5 SEER, while the YCJD is available as both a single phase and a three phase and has an efficiency of 13 SEER. The LX has a capacity of 1.5 — 5 tons and features a compact design with a MicroChannel coil to save space. An enclosed, permanently lubricated fan motor provides quiet operation and low maintenance. The LX uses R-410A refrigerant.

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  • 53.57% of customers recommended

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York LX Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Experience with York LX Series"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Last year we replaced an old Payne condensing unit. We requested (2) bids, one from an Amana contractor that actually wanted to switch us to Lennox, and one from a York Contractor – Air Service Partners in Placentia, California. The Lennox unit was bid at just less than $10k, and Matt Ochoa of Air Service Partner's bid came in at just under $5k. I was familiar with York because we have had (3) York commercial packaged units on the top of our commercial building the past 8 years and we've had no issues. After the installation last year, the unit turned out to be much quieter, efficient and smaller. Matt explained that the Micro- channel coil technology was the reason for the small compact size, lighter weight and efficiency. This year we had some very hot days here in Southern California and the unit performed flawlessly. Matt also fixed a major air flow problem that had existed since the new furnace was installed in 2009 – the other contractors had a major crimp in the main airflow collar at the top of the evaporator coil. Once he fixed that our airflow was twice what it had been. Matt was very meticulous, cost efficient and worked very hard to meet my expectations. Being an engineer, that says a lot. He also converted us from R22 to R-410A and explained why the evaporator coil had to be replaced as well.

D. Schmidt

Yorba Linda, CA

"York LX Series YHJF42541S5A"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I installed the York lx series hvac and Air Handler in my home to replace an 11 year old Rheem system. I wanted to get a more efficient system that was at least 3.5 ton and 13.5 seer. Contractors that I talked to kept suggesting that I purchase a high quality Carrier or Trane or Lennox. When I asked about a York, I was told to 'stay away' from York which surprised me because of their long history and name recognition in pa. When I checked with an ac contractor that I worked with before, the first system he suggested was a York, when I told him about the reviews from other contractors and also online about York, he responded that York was a very high quality unit and he recommends York because of the price and quality. He said that he gets just as many if not more service calls for so-called high end brands that he supports. He said the most important factor for a brand is good professional, knowledgeable installation. I decided to go with the York, the price was right and the specs were exactly what I was looking for. Since having the system installed, my home has never been cooler and I notice the system does not kick on as much or stay on as long. The unit itself looks great. It is a nice bronze color, color is not so important, but it does look good on the side of my house. I would recommend giving York a try and not get talked into a higher end, much more expensive system by a fast talking contractor. My system cost exactly half of a similar Lennox brand. I am very happy with my purchase and the installation was complete and professional.

Bruce Y.

Orlando, FL

"Nothing but problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought 4 Luxaire units for new home in 2006 and have had nothing but problems with all 4. Compressors, motors, coils, electric boards, you name it. My installer tells me same story of other consumers of York. Last straw was another compressor going out 5 weeks ago, first replacement which took over a week to get was built flawed, so, my installer had to reorder. Still awaiting arrival of compressor – now into 5th week without use of unit in heat of summer. I will never buy a York product again. I would recommend based on my experience if your builder or installer suggests York…run!

Austin Lance

Knoxville TN

"Do not buy this brand!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

For those "defending" this brand, please don't.York is nothing but garbage and a waste of money. . I got this a/c unit installed 3 yrs ago and its been a real nightmare, I had countless technicians and 3 different companies trying to get this garbage repaired time over time again. Still giving me lots of headaches, the unit was purchased brand new and it broke down 3 times in a week and 11 months later. Tt break down again this week. Do yourself a favor and do not trust this brand unless you really want to waste money. My mistake, trusting a cooling company who recommended this garbage, I wish I had done research prior to buying.

Fernando F.

McAllen, TX


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My landlord installed this unit 3 years ago. And the a/c guy has been out about every other month trying to fix it. It constantly freezes up ( I run it on 72) and leaks refrigerant out. I'm in lower Alabama and everyday I come home expecting it to be 90 degrees in the house because it has happened so many times. I'm moving out of this house because I can't take missing work for the a/c guy and not sleeping because it's so hot any more. The old unit cooled down to 67 no problem just had a leaky coil that "couldn't be fixed" whatever.


Dothan alabama

Other LX Reviews

In a comparison on gardenweb.com between the York LX and a similar Carrier model, a contributor stated that the LX is a good, quiet unit, and recommended the 14.5 SEER unit over the 13 SEER. Another thread on gardenweb.com found a couple of consumers calling the LX a good, reliable unit.

LX Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the York LX air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited parts warranty
  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor

If not registered within 90 days, the parts warranty reverts to a 5-year limited warranty. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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