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"New and More Expensive than Planned."

3.0 rating

I have owned this air conditioner for about 1 year. I initially liked this unit because i was updating one that had been previously installed on the house for about 15 years. I knew that it was about time to replace it. I had this installed by a large national retailer that had a contracted employee come out and install it. I have no problems with the way that the installation went. I was under the assumption from the employee who gave me information on this unit that it would be more cost effective. I don't find this to be true. It is costing almost exactly the same as the previous air conditioner I had. I do think that this is largely in part to the fact that this is a smaller unit than what was previously installed. Overall I am neutral and would not recommend this to a friend. So far there have been no problems and I haven't had to fix or replace any parts.

Kansas City Missouri

"Exactly what I need for the Florida heat."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have had this particular air conditioner for over two years now, and I couldn't be happier with it. I got it after the last one stopped cooling my home as well as it should have. I didn't know anything about air conditioners, and I still don't, so I pretty much bought this one without any idea about it. Anyway, I purchased it and had it installed, and from the moment that rush of cool air entered my home, I was in love. All I know is that this AC does what it's supposed to. It keeps my home nice and cool, and for that I'm extremely grateful. I haven't had a problem with it, and everything has been running smoothly. I would have no problem recommending this air conditioner to any of my family and friends, even strangers. All you can ask for when you purchase something like this is that it does its job. Well, that's exactly what this air conditioner does.

Miramar, FL

"Happy with our a/c"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

The air conditioning unit we have was installed prior to our move into our town home. We have owned it for one year. The air conditioning unit has been reliable during this very hot and humid summer we are experiencing here in Southern California. The cold air distribution has been steady and very useful. The cons to this unit are very few if any. I would have liked the generating of the air power to have been a little quieter in the home. Our current energy cost (understandably speaking). We have not yet needed any maintenance or repair on the unit thus far. I would definitely consider buying the same model if I had to. I would recommend this unit to all my friends and family. Overall I must say our air conditioning unit has been a blessing and has given us no headaches. It has allowed us to enjoy these very hot and humid summer months indoors. So glad we already had a pre-existing central air installation, providing air conditioning in every room. Very happy family indeed!

Long Beach, CA

"A good air conditioner"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I got this air conditioner installed 3 months ago in the beginning of the summer. I bought it from Home Depot and they came to my house to install it for me. The air conditioner takes about 5 minutes to turn on. It gets my house down cool within about 30 minutes, which isn't bad. I only use it on the really hot days so it's not on all the time. 2 months after the installation the air conditioner stopped blowing out air. I could feel cool air in the vents but it just wasn't blowing out the air. I had to call someone to come fix it and they said it was because the belt slipped off the motor. It was about a 5 minute fix and ever since then I haven't had a problem. So far I'm satisfied and would recommend this A/C to my friends.

Philadelphia, PA

"It is fine for our home"

3.0 rating

We bought the 3 Ton 13 SEER quick connect air conditioner system from Home Depot about five years back. We had just got our home and we had to use window units to keep the house cool in the summer time. That, of course, made our electric bill really high, having a window unit in each room of the house. So we saved our money and got this central unit for our home. I knew it would be expensive to get a central unit, but I did not know it would be this expensive. Not only did I pay right at three grand for the unit, I then had to pay another grand to get it installed and the Freon put in it. I also had to get it inspected and all that too. It was a real headache, to be honest. As for the unit itself, it is just OK. It is not great. I think it runs too long to cool the house. Although that might be my fault, I was told that I needed a bigger unit to cool my house faster. Of course I was told that after I already paid thousands. Other than all that, it is an OK unit. Maybe if I got a bigger one it would be better.

Gulfport, Ms

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