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Williamson Thermoflo Boiler Reviews

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"Warranty not honored"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit leaked in less than two years. We replaced it with a Crown boiler and because of this, they will not honor the warranty. Very poor customer service and they would not honor their product.

Rick Zongora


"Warranty is bullshit."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boilers from this company are for the most part good . Just don't get a lemon or you will never get warranty covered. They absolutely will not stand behind their product blaming anything they can on the contractor. I'm suing them now for this . They blame a rot hole in the steam chamber on using copper piping.


South Amboy, NJ

"Only works when it is not cold out."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The boiler size seems appropriate for the house, as it is essentially the same size as the old oil-fired unit it replaced. Where the old oil- fired unit managed to keep the house warm for any weather that nature threw at us here in Providence, RI the gwa 105 *fails miserably* when the temperatures outside get more than a couple of degrees below freezing. When outside temperatures are roughly at or above freezing, the boiler will heat the water to the set point (180 degF), then circulate the hot water until it drops to somewhere around 40 degrees below the set point when it will fire up again. That's great. But when the outside temperatures get below that, the boiler fails to heat the water to the set point. It picks some point below the set point (roughly 40 degrees below…) and then circulates until the water drops another 20 degrees and decides it ought to fire again. This doesn't provide a comfortable living space and we are sub 50 degrees in here now. I can force it to go to the set point by twiddling the set point up momentarily to trigger the limit switch, but once I do that to get it to the set point and walk away, it quickly reverts to its regular misbehavior when I am not supervising it. This thing has done this since new. We had a tech out when it was first installed, and they thought the temp sensor was bad (per instructions in the manual). They replaced it but it did nothing. The tech had no other ideas and it went nowhere. The boiler essentially operates in reverse of how it should: it apparently lowers the set point (by some sort of programmatic override) when it is really cold and the water needs the heat to meet demand; it achieves the set point when it is only marginally cold and could heat the water to a lower temperature to meet demand. It has me wondering if a couple of electrical leads in the unit were miswired at the factory. What happened to products that worked right out of the box? I would never, ever recommend a Williamson-Thermoflow product after this experience.

W. Weathers

Providence, RI


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Plumber install a Williamson 210 boiler December 2013 and for the last two winter I have experience numerous issues with the boiler, from no flame even when pilot is lit. Gas leak, boiler keep cutting out bad damper


Cranston, RI

"Very Unsatisfied"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a house with a new Williamson Boiler installed. I installed an automatic water feeder, for it to run efficiently with no worries. Three years down the lane I started having all this problems I have replaced Ignitor, Thermo fuse, control unit and now I have to replace the Boiler itself. Am very disappointed with this brand, I'll never buy it again.


New Jersey

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