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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a 40 gallon water heater less than 2 years ago and the pilot will not stay lit. After finding out that I could not find any parts at the local store I decided to call a plumber. After talking to three different plumbers all telling me that they would have to order the part from Whirlpool to fix the problem and it would probity fail again in a year or two, their recommendation was to take the loss and replace it with a different brand. I purchased a new Rheem water heater and installed it yesterday. It is sad when a plumber thinks I should replace it and not have him fix it! I will never purchase a Whirlpool product again.

K Jones

Indianapolis, IN


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had it 2 weeks. Today I went downstairs and my basement is flooded. Naturally every f-n part is not under warranty. Never will I buy this brand ever again.


Parkville, MD

"Bad product – look for the YouTube video"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In 2013 installed an N30S61-303. Had to replace the gas valve under warranty a 2nd time. Labor costs to do this is high, I'm out $500 after paying over a thousand. I think this product is a lemon, and if there is a class action lawsuit, I want to participate.There was a YouTube video on the problems with this model. You can't put it on the high range – it breaks it. It is impossible to tell if the pilot is lit. You have to be on your belly and crank your head – totally ridiculous. Wonder if the plumber gets a kick back for installing it.

Christine McKay

Atlanta, GA

"My new hot water heater"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We have had this hot water heater for roughly six months, we got it when our ten-year-old Bosch sprung a leak. I like the higher energy efficiency of the Whirlpool as well as the smaller container size (width) of this unit. It provides more usable space in the garage. It is very quiet as compared to our old unit and seems to produce the water faster at temperature. Unfortunately if I have to replace this unit I will need to get a bigger tank size, as the 50 gallons just doesn't seem to be enough . As an example: no one has used any hot water, going to take a bath, and halfway through the tub fill up the water is cool coming out of the faucet. While it most likely was my mistake when purchasing the unit, I was forced to work with the funding I had at the time. Thus the fifty gallon tank. Now if I had to replace this unit I would go with the Whirlpool again as it was fairly easily to install (just heavy). I would, however, get a bigger tank which has a larger gallon capacity.

Melbourne , Fl

"Be very aware"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My customer was told by a woman at customer service and some guy named Mike D. at Whirlpool to get a plumber to evaluate his leaking water heater after six years on a nine-year warranty. I found that the heater was leaking from the inside of the tank and was told that I, after 30 years of being a plumber, did not know what I was talking about. I was told that if the water is shut off to the tank and the tank stops leaking the warranty is no good. I would not buy a Lowe's or Home Depot heater if they were giving them away.

R Clegg

Rhode Island

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