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"Worthless 12-year American/Whirlpool warranty: Lowe's needs to find a new supplier"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Honeywell Controller is a high failure rate item, so American and their partners such as Whirlpool & Sears look for any excuse to not honor the warranty (see other reviews for confirmation). In our case we had a 12-year warranty with 3 years labor. The controller locked up(no gas to pilot) just after 3 years, so I just wanted a replacement part. There is not just one call center, I was connected to two different call centers on the same day and had to send photos to 3 different email addresses. They will only talk on the phone and will not put a response in an email or letter. On the phone they would not even discuss the actual broken part. The final excuse in this case is I told them is was installed by Lowe's in a closet that connects to a bathroom (see other reviews for other excuses). This was a permitted installation with a signed off certificate of occupancy indicating it was compliance with local codes. The local code that was applied is that there was plenty of ventilation and no bathroom fan which can pull fumes down the gas chimney. Printed on the water heater it says local codes are the requirement, but they claimed local codes don't matter even though the water heater is labelled ".. must be installed in accordance with the applicable local plumbing and/or building code(s) and/or regulations or in their absence, with the latest issue of the National Fuel Gas Code z223.1" Lowe's sent a plumber over to take a look and he had no idea what American/Whirlpool were talking about. He and Lowe's said they would get American/Whirlpool to send the parts and they would install. However, American//Whirlpools would not provide the parts to them either. We called Lowe's after 2 days with no contact and Lowe's refused to stand up for their installation and supplier to fix or replace the water heater. After negotiation, Lowe's is allowing us to replace at their cost. So not totally happy with Lowe's either. I will be writing to their corporate office to ask them to stop selling this product for their own good.

K. Toni

Scottsdale, AZ

"Repeated control box failure/replacement"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Installed the model NU40T121-403 in March 2011. Calling for my 4th replacement of the control box today. When the control box is working, I'm satisfied with the unit. However, when I have to order a new control box, deal with no hot water while it's being shipped (or pay for overnight shipping fees), then pay for a plumber to install it on average every 15 months, it's not worth it. Why has this control box unit not been recalled or fixed by this point?! Will never by another Whirlpool again.


Orange County, CA

"Disappointed in Whirlpool and Lowe's"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed water heater, it would not get hot. Called the help line and changed several parts, but no help. I wanted to take it back but Lowe's won't take it. I'm not the first one that this has happened to. I will never buy a thing from Lowe's again!

K Openbrier

"Buyer beware. Why I will never again buy a Whirlpool water heater."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Whirlpool water heater from Lowe's for a rental house. The tenant called and told me it sounded like it would explode. The installer confirmed the unit appeared to be defective and turned it off. A label on the water heater states not to return it to the store where it was purchased but to call Whirlpool for repair at 877-417-4750. Whirlpool was called. They refused to send a repair person to inspect or repair the water heater until I first proved that it was properly installed with a county permit! They couldn't care less that the tenant was left without hot water. Whirlpool could have easily verified that it was properly installed by sending a repair person and honoring their warranty. I replaced the water heater with a unit from a local hardware store that takes it back and will replace it if it fails during the warranty. I asked the manager at Lowe's to intercede. After a month of calling Lowe's the manager told me Whirlpool stonewalled him. Lowe's had me return the defective unit to the store and gave me a store credit. It was clear to me that Whirlpool had no intention of honoring their warranty obligations. I hope this review saves others from a similar experience.


Ventura, CA

"Complaint on water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a new Whirlpool 40 gallon gas water heater at Lowe's approximately 6 years ago for a backup on my 5 year old water heater because I am a disable Marine, 80 years old, and my wife also has medical problems. We always need hot water for our needs.This is a 9-year warranty heater but the serial number states it was built in 2006, which the first Whirlpool rep told me when I bought it. I said I bought it no more than 6 years ago and he said I bought it in 2006, which is when is was made, not bought. First lie. The next rep I talked to said he could help me if my plumber could tell him that it could not be fixed, and he would call him at the number I gave him. My plumber waited 2 hours, no call. Lie number two. I called the 3rd rep and was told that the warranty was from 2006, not when I bought it [no receipt,] tough s–t and would do nothing for me. This was a brand new heater made in America and I could not get $5 off for another heater. Went to Home Depot and bought a new Rheem 40 gallon heater, works perfect the first try. Whirlpool's water heater will be the last thing I will ever buy from them, and they have the worst customer service ever.

Mr.Thomas Riccio

Windsor, CT

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