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"Honeywell Thermostat"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a Whirlpool water heater with Honeywell Thermostat it goes out about every 30 mins. Called. Whirlpool they won't do anything there is nothing wrong with water heater the Honeywell sucks!

Jill Jeckering


"Bad water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had purchased this Whirpool/American water heater in July of 2013. It worked for 2 years then the pilot light went out and it would not ignite. Called Lowe's, went through American water heater. They had a plumber come out. Claimed the screen under the heater was clogged. The plumber charged me $150 for a service call, said I had a gas leak that he had to tighten a fitting or he would have Vectren gas company to turn off gas. So in March of 2018 started having the same problems again, made sure the screen was clean. I would light the pilot, the water would get hot, then shut off. So here we go again, had 3 different plumbers out they said that the utility doors are causing to not get enough air. The plumber re-lit my pilot so I told my tenant to leave the door open. They said the pilot is out again. Got tired of fooling with it. Called Home Depot and had a Rheem installed like my other 3 units have already. It's a shame that the plumber putting in the Rheem said he has replaced a lot of those Whirpool/American water heaters lately. Will never buy another one from Lowe's again. Can't even get my refund on the warranty that is no good.


Dayton, OH

"Worthless crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Customer service for Whirlpool is quite possibly the worst. After paying to have the part shipped to me on a 12-year parts warranty, the water heater failed to function properly. I repeatedly told it was a ventilation issue. I finally got fed up with their bull and decided to go in another direction with a different brand (RHEEM) and I couldn't be happier. Whirlpool ventilation was too easy to clog, since it was under the tank, and very difficult to clean, so I often had pilot failure due to this and would wake up to no hot water. I will never buy any of Whirlpool or American water heaters again.


"The worst equipment and service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In February 2017, purchased the top of the line, 50 gallon gas water heater for approx. $800.00, along with 12 year warranty and paid $500.00 for installation. From the outset, it produced a loud humming sound, like a tornado warning alert siren or a cargo freight ship' horn, so loud it rattles the decorative plates on the wall outside of the closet where it is housed. Also, has dripping sounds like there is an internal leak and banging sounds like a tin/metal object being heated up. During a call to the Service department, we were informed that this was normal operating sounds, the siren sound was due to the poorly designed external Honeywell product and it pertains to the gas shooting under the burners to light them!! Three of their service representative companies were provided for us to call in a service call. Two of the service companies didn't answer their phone, 3rd vendor didn't service in the Dallas area. Just discovered YouTube videos of other owners revealing the same sounds we have experienced. If the product was free we wouldn't keep it – horrible, horrible hazard.

N. Wenning

Dallas, TX

"Whirlpool Scam"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a new Whirlpool water heater in 2009 with a 6 year warranty. In January 2015 the tank ruptured. It was still under warranty so I took it back to Lowe's and they replaced it with a new one. The only difference was the new one had a Honeywell valve and thermostat which has an electronic igniter and the ability to give you a code if there is a problem to let you know what the problem is. After 2 years it turned itself off and gave me a code 4 for the reason (which means it overheated and shut itself down). I did some research and found out this is a very common thing for Honeywells to just shut down for no reason and almost always give a code 4 for the reason and when it shuts down the memory card locks up with no way to reset it. The only thing you can do is install a new one. I called Lowe's and was almost immediately transferred to Whirlpool where I was informed that the warranty was expired. I told her that I had only had it for 2 years and she said the 6 year warranty was from the date of the original heater and I didn't get a new 6 years on the replacement heater but she would be glad to sell me a new thermostat for $240 plus shipping and handling. I hung up and went to my local plumbing supply and asked if they had one. He just laughed and said "we've got a shelf full of them, let me guess you got a code 4".He also informed me that it was the biggest piece of junk they had ever seen. He then sold me one for $153. Took me 15 minutes to install and has been working for about a week. Can't believe Whirlpool doesn't know about this problem and why they continue to use them on their product. Whirlpool used to be a trusted and reliable name but like a lot of companies now days making a dollar overrules quality and customer service.

R. Hunt

Denison, TX

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