Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews

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"Bad havac"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I like nothing about this equipment.we had to change the coils after only a yr and a half. Started leaking. I would never buy another one like it.

ann lanier

Milan, TN

"Water dripping off the coils and cannot get a call back"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have called and license tech has called many time because this unit is only 2 1/2 years old. It is under warranty. The water is dripping off the coils and ruined the board and transformer. The coil is the issue and needs to be replaced. Worthless company and customer service.

Christine Shrader

Taylorsville, KY


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had this heat pump installed in our new home 5 and a half years ago. We have had nothing but issues. First year the heat didn't work and when it did work the fan ran constantly. The next year the unit froze up and only made a loud noise and the repairman said we needed to watch one of the boards because it's probably going bad. Really?!!! The unit has always cut off and started up again within seconds so no telling how much electricity it takes to operate this thing! So this week…the hottest week so far this summer, the condenser is out! No air for a solid 3 days due to the part not getting here. So I call today and it will be another three days till we have it delivered. I'm not happy and plan to put this information out on every mode of social media I can so there is nobody else that has saved a lifetime to build their home and be saddled with a heat pump by Westinghouse that clearly is a piece of junk! Steer clear of anything built by these people. I wish someone would have told me when we were building to buy anything but Westinghouse!


Perryville, AR

"Junk, run away"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed both units in 2010. Have had constant problems. Have put 4 defrost boards and 3 blower motors on 2 ton package. Stress fracture in discharge line at compressor and cond. fan on 1 1/2 ton. Package unit is loud.

Robert Hall

Wilmington, NC

"Westinghouse says"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am an HVAC contractor and installed Westinghouse for several years, even in my own home. But as of late Westinghouse, and their parent, Nortek Global, has turned a deaf ear to me as a dealer and to the customers for whom I installed Westinghouse in their homes. Instead of doing what was right, Nortek denied replacing a unit under the Quality Pledge warranty, even though the unit that failed had a compressor failure on the unit which was installed only four months ago. The unit was a Quality Pledge replacement for the original unit that only lasted 11 months from the day the new home was occupied. The homeowner never registered the original unit so Nortek only would cover the part 5 year warranty. But the compressor had to be shipped from the Westinghouse factory since none of the distributors within 100 miles of us had a replacement. On top of that, it took 2 days for Nortek to send out the compressor by motor freight and as of today it has not arrived. That would have put the homeowner without air conditioning for 9 days, in North Carolina. Even at this time of year, that is not good. I was forced to find a compressor at another parts company, buy it myself and install it, and now Nortek says they will deduct $125 from my warranty credit for processing since I had to go elsewhere due to their mistake. When I asked the warranty department about the fee their reply was "That's not my problem". I asked for an exception due to the lack of diligence on getting the compressor shipped in a timely manor but as of today have not received any answer, only that is "the way it works and it isn't their fault". As an HVAC contractor, I will not be installing anything made by Nortek Global HVAC under any of its names – Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Maytag, Nutone, etc. I will not pass on to the customer the $125 processing fee and have even waived any fees for us to replace his compressor because with a 16 month old home, I feel that is what is right. It is a pity that Nortek, as large as it is, can't, or more like won't, do what is right.

C. Jones

Raleigh, NC

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