Weil-McLain WGO Oil Boiler Overview

The Weil-McLain WGO is a high efficiency, cast iron oil-fired boiler. The WGO has a cast iron heat exchanger and an insulated steel jacket. The unit has a refractory blanket and target wall in the combustion area. The WGO features a quick-open top and a swing-away burner mounting door for easier access and visibility for inspection and servicing. WGO models range in AFUE rating from 85.0% to 87.0%, and certain models are Energy Star compliant when reducing the burner rate and installing the optional vent damper kit.

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Consumer Reviews of Weil-McLain WGO Oil


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  • 37.5% of customers recommended

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Weil-McLain WGO Oil Boiler Reviews

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"Paid $9K, and Weil-McLain boiler cannot heat my house"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My parents ' 71 & 74 years old — purchased a Weil-McLain gold series oil boiler and had it installed Jan 9th, 2014. After spending over $9,000, this has been the worst investment they have made in their life. They find themselves cold each day as this furnace only has the capability to heat up their New England home 1 degree in two hours ' I personally believe the sun is providing more impact to the heating of their home. We will update this review depending on the service we receive from Weil-McLain. Yet with the service currently being received after having this furnace for almost 3 months, I highly recommend spending your hard earned money on another brand.

Ray Lavallee

Rhode Island

"What happened to WM ?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

As a heating contractor for over 30+ years, whenever I entered someone's home who had a wm boiler, I breathed a sigh of relief. They were once the industry standard. I Can no longer sell these to my customers, why? Because I'm tired of dealing with boilers that constantly leak at the sections, or blow the section out completely. Oh sure, they warranty their product, but they do not cover the charge for the repair. This makes for a very angry home owner and the result also impacts the installing company. Maybe they need to get away from neoprene push nipples between the sections and go with the steel push nipples, like the majority of the other manufacturers.



"Works Great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased gold Weil McLain oil furnace with intake induction from outside furnace room. Must be free from lint if in room with dryer and yearly maintenance is required. We have a 330 oil tank live in Connecticut. I fill up every 16 months only, uses half a tank and heats water too. Thermostat is at 68 in winter. Also have Breckwell pellet stove in basement. We also had a qualified tech put it in. Ross Heating are good old boys in Terryville, never had a problem. Furnace was put in '95.

steven servello

terryville ct 06786

"Stay away from Weil-Mclain"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boiler was installed 16 yrs ago and maintained regularly. Crack developed in the casting. This is completely inexcusable. Stay away from this brand. Also one of my technicians who services it said that the system 2000 is also terrible. I'm going with Slant-Fin now. My original Slant-Fin lasted over 25 years.


Lake Winnepesaukee NH

"No problems here"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm in the HVAC/R trade; I installed this boiler in my residence here on outer Cape Cod. My family's vacation home here has a wgo-3 installed in '06. There are lots of these Gold Oil units in service out here, as well as considerably older models still in service. While no manufacturer's equipment is completely fault-free, by and large Weil-McLain boilers have a great track record out here — but only if they are properly installed and only if they are regularly — and properly — serviced.

John W.

Wellfleet, Ma.

Other WGO Oil Reviews

In a comparison on hvac-talk.com between the WGO and the System 2000, the choices between the two boilers were quite evenly divided. In another thread on hvac-talk.com, a consumer was considering updating to a different boiler and was advised to stay with the WGO, as it is a good unit. A member on terrylove.com commented that the WGO was using a lot of oil, and another member suggested that he only change the burner because the WGO is a good unit.

WGO Oil Warranty

The Weil-McLain WGO oil boiler is covered by a 20-year heat exchanger and 2-year parts warranty. Labor costs are not covered under the warranty. Registration is not required to activate the warranty, but proof of purchase and the installation date should be retained.

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