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Weil-McLain Ultra Boiler Overview

The Weil-McLain Ultra is an Energy Star rated condensing gas boiler with an AFUE between 92 and 93.3% for regular conditions, and 98% for conditions related to low temperatures. It is a two-stage induced draft boiler that has what Weil-Mclain call “integrated PhD (Precision Hydronic Data) Technology”, a system that “initiates efficient and ongoing hydronic heating”. The design of the Weil McLain Ultra gas boiler is CSA certified.

Weil-McLain has recalled Ultra Series 80,105,155 and 230 boilers manufactured after June 1, 2012 and prior to March 11, 2014. A cap on the boiler manifold can crack and release gas into the home, presenting a risk of fire or explosion. Consumers may contact Weil-McLain at 888-770-7139 for more information.

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Weil-McLain Ultra Boiler Reviews

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"Weil-Mclain Ultra 230"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I just finished installing a Weil-Mclain Ultra 230. After reading some of the reviews, I was a little worried on whether I made the right decision. Reading about recalls and install problems, I was nervous. But going through other boilers, it seemed like every boiler out there had a few bad reviews. While there were bad reviews on the Ultra 230, there were some good ones also and the boiler specs seemed good, so I jumped in and went through with the purchase and the install. My house, I cant remember it ever having heat, and I have lived hear for 30 years. It has old baseboard, single-pane windows, plaster walls with no insulation, and some drafts coming through the doors. With all of these issues, I had my doubts that any boiler I chose would be able to get heat in the house. With all of the issues the house had, the install was a little rocky. One area would get warm, while another area wouldn't. With bleeding the system constantly, modifying the settings, and getting the air and all the kinks out, the house finally had some heat. Since I just installed the system, I do not know what effects this will have on my heating bill, but I am hoping I should see some savings. And as far as the consistency of the boiler and it breaking down, I just installed the system this week, so its too early to tell. But so far I would say that I am satisfied with the boiler. Time will tell if any issues come up. But so far, so good.


Westchester, NY

"4 years trouble-free does not compensate for 2.5 years of aggravation"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Wein-McLain had always been reliable when I used then in the past on other homes, so when I had to replace my boiler I had a Weil-McLain Ultra 230 installed in 2009. I was looking to lower my gas bills and have a quieter unit. The install was for a 4,700 square-foot home in New York state. The boiler was a problem from the day it was installed, constantly breaking down when it was cold out. I don't think we went without a service call in the winter for 2 years. It had cracked ignitors and flames shooting out that melted the housing. What a P.O.S! Middle of the winter and the house could experience freeze-up damage. The boiler was still under warranty but Weil McLain parts were never available. Then they send via parcel rather than Fed Ex Express because they'd rather save $5 in shipping than protect their customer's home or recognize that a $8,000 boiler install should be problem-free. I had multiple Weil-McLain reps visit and not one of them could solve the problems. At first, they tried to blame installer. Then, failing that, they said it wasn't properly maintained (which is hilarious because the idiot who said that didn't even realize it was a new install). Had a third party look at it and they said the install was perfect, it's just a lemon. I told Weil-McLain that I want a full replacement. They said no. Then I said that they should ship me all the possible parts that could break down for the machine so that I don't have to guess if they'll be available next winter. Again, they said no. I had to threaten legal action and get the rep back again to show them that the housing was melting (again!). Finally, after 2 1/2 years of arguing with me, they sent a replacement for just about every part in the boiler except the frame and combustion chamber. The installer had to spend a full day replacing everything. I don't know if he was ever compensated for that. So now, 4 years later, there hasn't been an incident. But note – I am still afraid to adjust the heat when I travel and I don't trust the thing at all. Yes, the gas bill went down. But my electricity bill went up because of the number and size of circulator pumps. Overall, even though the unit is now working: 1) I don't think I saved any money on a "high efficiency" unit 2) It's surprisingly loud. You can hear the unit kick on and "make the pipes sing" 2 floors up 3) Weil McLain has demonstrated the difference between giving a warranty and truly honoring it. They did little to help avoid property damage and nothing to anticipate future problems or deal with current issues unless pushed. 4) The unit is unreliable and I still don't trust this thing. I go away on vacation and I'm always concerned my house will be frozen solid when I return. Conclusion: Stay away!


Westchester, NY

"The worst furnace ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is by far the worst furnace I have ever had in all my years of owning a home. It does not heat the house properly. On a cold day(below 20 degrees) the house won't get past 65 degrees. I cannot trust it, it keeps going into lockout and I have to reset it. If I was out of town and it quit on me I would have a big problem. I have had many repair men at the house to try to fix it, but it is still the same. I don't like it and I don't want it. I'm very frustrated with the whole thing. I would never recommend this and I would never buy the same product again.

R. VanHorn

Angola, NY

"Unreliable and expensive to repair"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have three Ultra 155's running various apartment building and all of them are hassles. All of them have had a motherboard die. Rather than having to replace the problem transistor, you have to pay $400 to replace the whole board. Also just had a blower motor go out. For some reason those are $300. On top of it all, they aren't much more efficient than the 1980's broiler I replaced. Waste of money!


cincinnati, oh


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unsatisfactory review includes extreme dissatisfaction with Heifner Heating in Xenia. It was they who were responsible for recommending and installing this huge mistake and they who told us we would save money on heating. Our old boiler developed a leak in the pump. Nothing wrong with the boiler itself, just the pump. Could have replaced it for about $1100. Instead we were talked into a whole new boiler for more like $7000. Said we would see as much as 40% savings on our gas bill. There has been absolutely NO reduction in our gas *usage* (money cost can't be fairly compared due to price increases) and this boiler has been an absolute piece of undependable JUNK and nothing but a headache. As others have noted, it shuts off and locks out during the coldest weather. "Factory trained techs" come out and work on it and it's fine until the next cold snap, the time you really need your heat. Additionally, we can no longer turn the thermostat down at night because it takes….are you ready for this?….between four and five hours to return the house to the set temperature in the morning. Yep, this incredible piece of crap will raise the temperature in our house by a whopping ONE DEGREE PER HOUR! I have no words that will express how sorry I am that I did not know enough to read reviews before buying. Stay as far away from Weil-McLain as you can!

L. Meyer

Xenia, OH

Other Ultra Reviews

Comments about Weil-McLain gas boilers on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites are generally positive:

  • In one hvac-talk.com forum, one service tech says that the circulator problem on one Weil McLain furnace is due to a bad motor. Heat is strong in every location except one. This heater is strong and persistent, but the circulator requires attention.
  • In another hvac-talk.com forum, another tech observes that the Weil McLain boiler works very well, especially through 3-way valves, and produces considerable heat. A couple of other forum guests agreed with this assessment.
  • In yet another hvac-talk.com forum, both techs and guests agree that Weil McLain provides good multiple relay distribution, providing that the circulator and thermostats are up to par.

Ultra Warranty

Weil McLain Ultra boilers come with a 5-year parts and labor warranty. The unit must be registered within 30 days of installation to qualify for the warranty.

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