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"5 repairs in less than 9 years. Last repair, part under warranty, cost us $4000."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Totally dissatisfied with this product. New installation. Problem year 2 – circulator problem. Year 4 – switch relay(cost almost $300). Problem year 5 – thermostat, relief valve. Problem year 9 – heat exchanger (cost more than $3000 for labor though part was under warranty). We thought we bought the best product on the market from a reliable company. We were totally wrong.



"Solid Performance After Initial Setup"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned my Weil McLain UG-99 for two years through two heating seasons. I live near Philadelphia, and we have had some pretty cold winters (weeks in the teens) and it has kept up well. It was installed as a retrofit to an old steam system. The pros for this boiler are that it is laden with features, and yet I can read important information quickly and easily to monitor daily performance. It is very efficient (I have almost made up the difference in savings vs my old oil system for the cost of the whole retro fit in two years) and very quiet. It fires up quickly and gets the job done. We recently added a 55 gallon hot water heater option to the system, which has also worked well, and keeps the system cycling through the warm months as well, which is something this system likes to do, I have turned off previous Weil McLains during warm months, and would have to replace some of the electrical components each season. So far this has not been the case for this unit. The only cons I have had for this unit are from the initial setup. If you don't do your research it is fairly easy to get lockout errors. This was the case when I added the hot water heater. The system would get tripped because the return water from the water heater loop would then cycle into the heating loop and give an over temperature warning. This is easily fixed through the programming by lowering the hot water loop temperature, but it did cause errors (usually at night) which would shut the system down. Other than a couple of programming issues, the unit has performed solidly, and the tech support from Weil McLain has been good. I would absolutely recommend this unit, and also the add on hot water loop. It has been a time saver and a money saver. I expect to get years of dependable service and warm winters from it.

Philadelphia, PA

"Caught on fire!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My boiler caught on fire and they want $1500 to replace it! Had a boiler installed just over a year ago, Winter 2015. 1 year and two months. The thing caught on fire! I am lucky my house did not burn down! The manufacturer, Well McLain, decided they would replace the boiler after three days in the cold. Now ********** wants to charge me $1500 labor to put in the new boiler, which is only 1 year old and caught on fire!. That is unfair. Well Mclain should replace it for free, for the danger they put me and my family through. Imagine if the whole house burned down?

Faisal Ahmad

Albany, NY

"Pilot light assembly, wire burns"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnace installed in 2006. Trouble started not long after installation, within a season and a half. Furnace calls for heat, pilot light ignites, pilot light is not recognized even though it is burning. After 15 seconds, the furnace recycles and continues to do so until power is shut off on the power switch. Technicians replaced the control module and it worked for a little while. While the furnace was recycling, I found I could get the burners to light by moving the pilot light assembly wire (orange) which come from the module. Had to convince the tech that the wire might be bad and is starting to short out. The pilot light wiring must show 1 microamp in order for the main gas valve to open. If the wire shorts out the pilot light is not recognized and the main valve will not open. The orange wire was breaking down under high intense heat. The insulation was OK because it is a high temp insulation. In one case the metal inside the insulation had turned to metal slivers. I've gone through 3 to 4 pilot light assemblies, each one with metal wire failing. The trouble shooting chart has no block to address the issue of a burned metal wire. Installation company can't figure out why the wire burns. He enclosed the wire in a high temp white insulated material and that kept it operating a little longer than a season and half. But that burned up the metal portion and the wire detached from the ceramic cigarette upon a cleaning removal. Tech help from Weil- McLain came about two years ago and tried everything from gas pressure at the house inlet to many other tests performed by the installer. When I finally convinced him of the failing wire, he couldn't figure it out. He promised to check with his engineering section. He never called the installer or me. It died. That was over two years ago and the furnace continues to burn up the pilot light assembly wire. Spent loads of money on this boiler; two control modules (not the problem), pressure valve (not the problem) and so on. Three to four pilot light assemblies at about $94 a pop, yes they are the problem. Currently in contact with the tech group at Weil-McLain and they are looking into it but I hold out little hope because the installer put a generic assembly in the last time, which burned up, but which lasted longer than the original product, and the Weil-McLain people advised I had to use original products. I have been, all other that burned up were original equipment. I hold out little hope for the 2006 furnace which has been a problem from day one, the installer has stopped returning my phone calls and Weil- McLain doesn't know either.

R. Wheeler

Albany, NY

"Unit leaks, no one cares"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had this new unit installed just over 7 years ago. It aways had a drip leak but now it's a full blow one and all customer service would do is ask if we wanted to buy a new one.

Ron S

Ontario, Canada

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