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"Great Product, poor quality control and customer support"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought an Ultra CT wall hung boiler. It had been excellent. However, a few weekends ago a small tube in the unit sprung a leak on a Saturday morning. Luckily the unit is not in my cellar but the floor utility/laundry wooden floor was covered with water. I called my plumber around the corner who came within the hour but it was Saturday. He didn't know what to do. He said: "Joe, you will just need to empty water out of the pans." So be it. A small black tube the size of a spaghetti that goes to a readout dial on the top of the unit (shows temp.) had melted and was 1/2 cut and was leaking constantly. During the manufacturing, the black tube had been left resting on the fire box which gets very hot. I would have had to empty a 3 pans every 15 minutes if I hadn't rigged up a funnel system that drained into a hole in the floor and down into my 1791 farmhouse's dirt cellar. This Niagara Falls went on for a week until my plumber installed a new tube. So problem #1 is poor quality control. This would not happen in Germany! I called Weil Mclain. My bill was only $254 and that included labor. They would not talk with me. I had videos and photos of the problem. I had my paid bill and cancelled checks for $12,000 US dollars. Yet they required my plumber to call them for the price of the part. No reimbursement for labor on any of their products. I had a choice to install a Biderus or Veissmann. I figured that I would buy American. I have a Veissmann in another house (perfect) and also had a commercial condensing Buderus boiler the size of a VW. Superb! The problem here is quality control and customer support. When this boiler bites the dust, you know what I will choose.


Central Massachusetts

"Piece of shit in my basement"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

$1000 for repairman to replace every part and all I have is a boiler that does not work. Never will I buy Weil McLain again

Paul Goodhue

Shrewsbury NJ


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased the house partly because the sellers had a brand spanking new Weil-Mclain SGO Gold Series oil boiler with tankless water heater installed just over a year before for a cool $10,500. Well, that thing is a pain in the a$$. We had it serviced at least three times since and it left us without heat and hot water in the dead of winter at least once. The recurring problem appears to be the part that regulates the water level which has failed again this morning after being replaced less than a year ago. We have to drain the excess water every few days to prevent from entering the pipes and radiators. Now the warranty is over and the new part will cost us over $500 out of pocket. The sellers seemed like nice people but I really feel like choking them right now…



"Weil McLain WM97+70 CT Wall Mount Boiler Propane or Natural Gas"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

This boiler cost 8000 dollars to install and is used to heat a double garage only. We have had to replace the board twice. Now the board and the blower are not working. There has to be something wrong in the manufacturing/design process to have this level of problem in such a new product. It is less than 5 years old too.

m. snyder lindblom

Birmingham, MI

"Buy something else"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I don't see my model in the pull-down menus so it is a propane-fired Ultra Series 2 and the manual that comes with it covers the Ultra-80, -105, -155, 230, & -310. My unit has been installed for 11 years in Montana. Unless you enjoy frequent visits from your plumber and have a bottomless checkbook for repairs, look elsewhere. This unit is designed to fail, has failed on numerous occasions, and Weil-McClain's warranty service is crap. Weil McClain will provide the parts but I had to pay shipping and installation, which were the majority of the costs in one instance. The boiler (heat exchanger) is allegedly cast aluminum, more like pot metal. The first one corroded out because of an acknowledged design problem that caused the condensate to eat through the housing in about 5 years. It was under warranty but only the part on their dock in Michigan. I had to pay to ship it to Montana and for the plumber to do the swap. The heart of the system failed. A few years after that the domestic water heater corroded out in the bottom. Same warranty service – Weil McClain covered parts, about one-third of that repair cost. Now the poorly designed supply line has a pin hole in it because the pot metal that they use for stainless steel is corroding right behind this little sensor called the temperature sensor. I wish I had a picture – the sensor is made of non- corrosive material and the majority of the supply pipe is stainless but they pressed a reduction into the pipe from about 1" to 1/2" and my guess is that it wasn't properly heat treated so it could fail. Out of warranty period now and quote is $540 for this part, plus installation. I will never buy anything from Weil-McClain again. They give U.S. manufacturing a bad name. I hope they go bankrupt very soon.

W. Bowser

Big Sky, MT

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