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"Don't Buy! Warranty no good!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2 Gas boilers and indirect water heaters, 18 years, but it does not matter if it is 8 minutes old. They look up the address of where it's installed online, and if your house was sold, the warranty does not transfer to the new owner. This was of course, 13 days later after contacting three separate managers, was I able to get a call back from the warranty department in North Carolina. If you call, this has been my experience over the past two weeks, the phone basically hangs up on you after giving you the chance to record your name. You do have approximately a 7 minute wait on hold until it kicks you out. This company, they will find a way to weasel out. This is an unbiased review. This is not my equipment. I did not install this equipment. I do not have to pay for the replacement of this equipment. I am actually going to make a lot more money off replacing this equipment than anyone. I am the licensed plumber doing the work. I have no prior engagement with the customer, but I have to share my experience with Weil McClain and their warranty service. Their tech support guys like Brian, are great by the way. Located in a completely different state where the foundry is, located it might as well be a completely different company. Anyway, thanks. Leaking boiler completely rotted. Fortunately, what is profoundly different about this review, is that the equipment was installed exactly as it should have been. Most of us guys in the field know that when something fails, it's mostly because something was installed wrong. You know when a consumer goes on a website and complains about equipment, little do they know that it has nothing to do with the company that makes the equipment, it's the guy who installed the equipment did not install it properly. For example, if you have large radiators or cast iron baseboards in your house, you should always have a dirt separator on your boiler before the water travels back to the boiler, so that it doesn't make your equipment rot faster than it should, and the equipment may run good for 10 years before it fails prematurely. This was not the case here. I have never had any company give me a hard time as a licensed plumber about an indirect water tank or water storage tank. Htp Superstore will always warranty the tank and there are no rules to it. Weil-Mclain will not. They pay many people lots of money to field phone calls and find ways to not honor the warranty because it's financially beneficial for them to pay someone $20 an hour to shoot down warranties all day. Buyer beware. Thank you for all the money Weil-McLain, but what you're doing to these customers is terrible.

Jasen Walsh


"Weil-McLain WM97+155 Review by Engineer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The problem with this product isn't that it doesn't heat water. It does. But I would never recommend one to a friend. Not because its a really bad product, but because the control board burns out regularly, the burner needs more attention than it should, and the owners manual is unintelligible. If you like puzzles, buy one of these. If you just want reliable hot water… Go elsewhere. But read on… I can deal with cleaning and maintaining the unit. The problem with this product is that the operating manual (if you can call it that) is unintelligible. I'm an old school engineer (over 50) and I used to work with industrial boilers. I used to do piping. I programmed pid controllers for industrial equipment. I wrote operator instruction manuals… And I cant understand the friggin manual. It tells you everything you want to know about piping and set up, etc. etc., but it only provides a couple of pages of operating info and virtually nothing for troubleshooting. Perhaps the info is there, but this manual was written by an A.D.D. autistic, controls engineer with poor writing skills for another autistic, idiot-savant controls engineer, not for the average homeowner. The manual reads like an alien hieroglyph. When the control screen is flashing red in the dead of a winter storm and the radiators are all cold, its impossible to deconstruct the manual before freezing to death. My savant installation contractor must be making a mint servicing these things. Like I said, if you want simplicity and reliability… Look elsewhere.

M. Evans

Pittsburrgh, PA

"Reason this company Boilers are so terrible??"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had unfortunate opportunity working for Weil McClain short period. Located at Eden, NC site.Due to some of the people work there, total see why all these bad reviews! Screws not screwed in correct, to having wrong parts on units. All they care about is pushing boilers off line! Don't train new employees properly unless they like them. Very hard to work and learn from angry overworked older employees. Image that outcome product is disaster waiting to happen.

L. Mcguire

Eden, NC


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm a plumbing contractor that has used wm boilers for the last 20 years. In Jan. 2017 I had a wm eg-55 start to leak after only 11 months. After getting the run around for 5 hours on a 20 degree day, I was told that someone would get back to me that day. When no one got back to me I purchased a new block assembly and started the replacement at 2 o'clock in the afternoon finishing the install at 10 pm. Four days later( and only after I made wm aware that the rep. They had assigned to my claim had pasted away months ago) they asked me to return the defective block to the wholesaler to be tested at the factory. After testing they determined that a cast iron section had a "sand hole" and would be credited for block and no other costs associated with install. I'm now out several thousands of dollars and still waiting for a credit on the block now over 90 days. Lesson learned, I will never purchase another Weil Mclain product and I'm trying to get the word out that Weil Mclain does not stand by their shoddy products.

Christopher Lavalley

Cumberland, RI

"Close call"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit was cleaned and yet kept having to reset. Service tech came out again and replaced main control board in the morning and after work came home to a garage filled with steam, garage door opener and eaves along with everything stored in my garage covered in condensation. Canned goods across two car garage were hot to the touch. House could have burned down!! Tech said it was a failed aquastat that failed so upper heat limit shutoff failed. Water poured out all over the garage. No heat or water until unit replaced for a 'deal' at $3500 But I got credit for the $100 main controller installed in the morning. Big break there 😡

Deb seese

Stroudsburg, PA

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