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"Aqua Balance"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is purchased by WM and rebranded. It's not American made because it's made in Italy. It has a poor reputation in Europe and if you search Ferroli Boilers, you'll understand why. My unit is constantly leaking at the heat exchanger. I've purchased new pieces of copper and gaskets and it doesn't stop leaking. Look elsewhere.



"Do buy this unit if you do not know to work on them"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Wm-87+110 gas boiler if you do not know how to work on them or set them up do not get local a plumbing heating supplier that I got it from did not help me with it. And now heating contractor will work on it

terrance valk

New York

"Faulty products"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2/3 boilers have gone bad within 4 years. Even with the warranty they charge you for shipping to send replacement parts, $300 to pay for their faulty product. The replacement block they gave for the first one wasn't properly sealed and the second one has not been received for over a month so I have a customer with no heat in the winter time and even after paying $300 for shipping, I costs more in labor to replace the faulty piece than it would install a new boiler. Also, have a steam boiler that is falling apart after 1 year. Well McLean started using rubber seals instead of pinning the boilers and you can tell there's issues arising but they are not owning up to their faulty products. Do not buy their products.


Walden, NY

"Horrible Product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought our home 7 years ago and it had a 4-year-old Ultra 155 gas boiler. We had the unit serviced annually by a certified heating contractor. We have had nonstop problems…multiple igniters replaced, the control module replaced, and now the heat exchanger is leaking. After spending thousands on repairs and maintenance, we are now looking at $3200 to replace the exchanger or $6800 to replace the whole unit…after only 11 years. Even though it is still under warranty, Weil McLain isn't honoring it since we are second owners. What a sad commentary on U.S. manufacturing…an old-line company that is willing to put inferior products on the market and then stick it to the customer.

C. Loomis

Bucks County, PA

"Fantastic boiler for 14 years"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We replaced an old cast iron boiler in 2004 with a Weil-McLain Ultra 155, which supplies two baseboard zones and one low-temp in-floor radiant zone (using a return water mixing valve). While we've had some issues with the original circulating pumps (Taco brand), the boiler itself has been fantastic for the past 14 years. We had the water inlet system, expansion tank, zones valves, etc. all installed new at the same time. One thing I've realized is that it takes a very skilled installer to do it right, as there are many small details that can cause people real problems. We also test and treat the boiler water about every two years, and we've done preventative maintenance about every 5-6 years. I clean the ignitor myself every year. I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat, but I would also make sure it's installed by someone who has experience with these newer advanced boiler systems.

Dave V


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