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Weil-Mclain CGa Gas Boiler Boiler Overview

Weil-Mclain manufactures two series of its CGa gas boiler, both with cast iron sections. Both series are designed for residential and light commercial and radiant and indirect-fired water heating applications.

Offering up to 84 percent AFUE, this gas-fired water boiler can use natural or LP gas and has a heating capacity ranging from 52 to 245 MBH. Its compact size, easily accessible controls, vertical flueways and top-cleaning allow for quick installation and service.

The CGa features stainless steel burners, an insulated extended steel jacket, a two-piece top jacket panel, pilot burner, and a Taco 007 Circulator.

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Weil-Mclain CGa Gas Boiler Boiler Reviews

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"Corrosion found on board"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After purchasing a Weil McLain gas boiler I have had WL Heating out on different occasion when it shut down and produced no heat. In a period of 4 weeks WL Heating has been out and after some period of time get it to produce heat not being able to tell what exactly caused the problem. Within this period also had annual maintenance done, After service rep I found water spewing out of the expander pipe. Service rep came back adjusted the pressure and then we heard a loud blow out sound. Service rep looks dumbfounded again not knowing what that sound was. Another call to WLHeating brought the third serviceman out who spent over an hour and a half trying to figure out the problem. Finally when I stated "something is not communicating." He opened the board and found corrosion. Now after paying $11,000 for this boiler/installation less than 4 years ago I am told the $2,000 parts are not covered under warranty. No reason was given for corrosion. The area with boiler perfectly dry. So here we as seniors sit in a cold house for 6 days till a WeilMcClain Rep can come out and look at it with wl Heating Co.

shirley thomas

South Windsor, CT


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

PSE&G sold and installed the Weil McClain CGa Gold boiler for us in 2009. Since then we have not had a single year of interrupted heat. Specifically, the thermocouple fails and shuts off heat to the house. Thermocouple repairs cost about $150 each, so twice a year times 9 years is $2,700. The electronic damper also had to be replaced at a cost of about $600. Worse than the money is the unreliability of a furnace that leaves us without heat on the coldest days of the year, or last year on Christmas Day! Good luck getting service on a holiday. I contacted the manufacturer but got a lot of lip service. We are finally giving up and buying a new boiler because we can't afford to be without heat multiple times per season. This is the worst purchase we have ever made for our home. This furnace is defective and the company has not stood behind it.

D Crocker

New Jersey

"Lousy product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This system fails every few months and we have to get a contractor to come and try to fix it. At first we thought it was the contractors, but it's clear it's the product at this point. It reminds me of some cars from the 1970's and 80's — it was a good day when it started up in the morning. Every few months we just don't get any heat, we call for service, we spend several hundred dollars and a few months down the road, no heat and we call for service, and we spend several hundred more dollars. I will never buy another Weil-McLain product again, that's for sure.

G. Savant

Seattle, WA

"Weil McLain Boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Just wanted to say that Weil McLain is great. Website has great options for narrowing your search, and they even locate local distributors who have the product and come out and install. I love that! I choose the CGa Gas Boiler Series 2, the pricing was compatible and they have a very reasonable return policy. Spoke with someone from customer service on the phone to ask some detailed question about the model I was interested in getting. They answered all my questions and were very friendly and I didn't feel rushed. After ordering the model I wanted they sent out two installers who had great knowledge of the equipment. The installation was fast and they cleaned up not leaving even a piece of paper behind. I would highly recommend Weil McLain to anyone. They are extremely professional and will do anything to get you what you need. Thank you for the great experience so far.


"Efficient, low-profile boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied with this product from Weil McLain. This boiler was able to fit in a space that we had originally thought would need to be rebuilt. We got this boiler specifically because of its size and ease of installation. I have had it in use for about a year with few issues. The best aspects are the size, installation, and the controls that are super easy to get to. My only issue was a break in the steel insulation jacket about 2-3 months after installation that resulted in some heat loss/ inefficient heating. Luckily it was a quick fix and not too expensive at all, and the support at Weil McLain was super helpful. This boiler lasted through a rough winter here in Massachusetts when I've heard of many others that failed. I would buy this product again and I would recommend it to a friend in a heartbeat. I am not looking to replace it at all.

Boston, MA

Other CGa Gas Boiler Reviews

While contractors note the CGa is a simple unit typically requiring relatively inexpensive maintenance, there are few other positive reviews regarding the CGa. Homeowner forums such as justanswer.com and gardenweb.com detail several issues with the unit. Complaints include intermittent water heating, failing components, and trouble getting the system to start and heat properly.

In addition, several contractors recommended other brands to shoppers over Weil-Mclain, saying they will get more quality and performance for their money with alternate HVAC units.

Consumer reviews on greenoptions.com and gardebweb.com also reflect negatively on Weil-Mclain as a company, stating the company has minimal support for existing customers and is slow to respond to inquiries.

WEIL-MCLAIN CGa Gas Boiler Model Numbers

The CGa Gas Boiler is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
CGa-25-PIDN 84 52000
CGa-3-PIDN 84 70000
CGa-4-PIDN 84 105000
CGa-5-PIDN 83.5 140000
CGa-6-PIDN 83.2 175000
CGa-7-PIDN 83 210000
CGa-8-PIDN 83.6 245000
Cga-25-SPDL 83.3 52000
Cga-25-SPDN 81.5 52000
Cga-3-SPDL 83.7 70000
Cga-3-SPDN 81.6 70000
Cga-4-SPDL 83.7 105000
Cga-4-SPDN 81.7 105000
Cga-5-SPDL 83.7 140000
Cga-5-SPDN 81.8 140000
Cga-6-SPDL 83.6 175000
Cga-6-SPDN 81.9 175000
Cga-7-SPDL 83.6 210000
Cga-7-SPDN 82 210000
Cga-8-SPDN 82.1 245000

CGa Gas Boiler Warranty

The CGa is equipped with a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 2-year warranty on all other parts. However, if the heat exchanger is found defective within the first five years of use, Weil-Mclain will provide a replacement unit. This warranty is only available to the original homeowner and may not be applied to commercial use.

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