Weatherking Heat Pumps

WeatherKing Heat Pumps

Everything you need on WeatherKing Heat Pumps, including model details, industry rankings and customer reviews, all in one place.

WeatherKing Heat Pump Overview

This article provides information on Rheem’s WeatherKing heat pumps. Learn more about the company’s “cube” design heat pumps, ranging from 13 to 15 SEER.

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Consumer Reviews of WeatherKing


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Reviews by Heat Pump Series


WeatherKing 15 SEER Heat Pump

The 15PJL series features an easily accessible control box and the company’s demand defrost control. The design of the motor mount provides quiet operation, as do the expansion valves with internal check valves.

WeatherKing 14.5 SEER Heat Pump

The WeatherKing 14PJM series provides the same features as the 15 SEER heat pump, including the demand defrost control; however, the 14PJM series can achieve a SEER score of up to 14.5. Both this unit and the 15PJL come with factory-installed low pressure control.

WeatherKing 13 SEER Heat Pump

This 13 SEER heat pump arrives with an easily accessible control box and demand defrost control, like its more energy-efficient siblings. All of the WeatherKing heat pump coils are manufactured with copper tubing and aluminum fins.

Care and Maintenance of WeatherKing Heat Pumps

Rheem recommends changing filters regularly, using Rheem filters, to maintain proper functioning. Most HVAC companies also recommend yearly inspections of the system by a trained professional.


The warranty for the WeatherKing 14 and 15 SEER heat pumps includes a conditional parts warranty and a conditional compressor warranty for 10 years, the condition being that the owner must register the heat pump. If these units are not registered, the coverage reverts to a five-year limited parts warranty. The 13 SEER heat pump warrants coil leaks caused by factory defects for five years, as well as failure of the compressor for five years. Parts are also guaranteed for five years.

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