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"Weather King Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

To say that I am unsatisfied with this unit is an understatement. This is such a piece of crap. I had it installed at the end of the summer. I have had this worked on since Oct. 2008 I have spent more time trying to get this thing to quit tripping. "High temp switch" The unit was installed with over an inch backward lean. This unit MUST be installed perfectly straight. Secondly I feel we have a problem with the exhaust ducting, however the installer completely changed it. It runs for a 10 minutes at a time then shuts of and resets and runs for 10 minutes again. After about an hour of running it will shut off completely. I am trying to heat the house from 54 degrees and after fiddeling with it all day we get 61 degrees max. This is such a piece of crap. Do not even think of buying one.

G. Diefenderfer

Bend, OR

"Used to be good"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

We have a 90% WeatherKing. Never had a problem until recently. The gas supply pipe would rattle upon ignition and it would take several tries before it would ignite if at all. Most of the time it locks out because it can't light. They replaced the gas valve but the problem remains. They then replaced the control board. Problem still remains. They aslo replaced some other parts and it still does the same thing. Our hvac company that is working on this has been great as we have only paid for the gas valve. They removed the small plugs on the side for now to let more air into the furnace and it is working fine. Yes they made sure that the air inlets and outlets were not plugged. The service company has been here for several days from the early afternoon to 11 or 12 at night trying to figure this out. They now have a call into Weatherking for their advice.It seems that the furnace is wanting to much air and not getting it. Nothing has changed as far as piping etc. I will let you know.


Syracuse, NY

"That was Quick"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have two (2) Weather King 10pjb36a01 units . We built a new home 3 years ago , installed these units on the trust of a very close hvac friend . The compressor is shot on one of the units , and for some reason our electricity bill is $ 500.00 – $ 600.00 a month . These units run constantly ,very noisy and are dying .They are being replaced , new units have been ordered . The bright side to this story is the hvac company is owned by a deacon at the church we attend , so getting rheemed is out of the question . Poor fella may have to eat the units , saying he cannot find new ones . Steer clear of these units , will eat up the electricity and die quickly . Being any other hvac company ,I am sure this would be a night mare . Greg

Greg Menard

Atlanta, GA


4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We have lived in our house for 11 years and the furnace was here when we moved in. Never had a problem till last year. Had to have it cleaned and again this year had to have it cleaned. We do have dogs and cats and I am sure that was the problem. Last month blue flame came and serviced it and a month later when the blower comes on it squeaks. My question is can you oil the blower motor and if so how to do it. I called blue flame and they told me it would cost $400 to repair. I just paid them $288. to clean the furnace last month. Please help.


Toledo, Ohio

"Weatherking Furnaces (90%)"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have 2 Weatherking 90% furnaces that I installed myself. ok I am not supposed to be qualified but I am an electrical engineer and a very good craftsmen and I got tired of all the troubles I had with my previous furnaces. For the record I have 4 furnaces in my home/shop. 3 in house and 1 in shop. Because of inept installers and bs service companies I simply have maintained all of them myself for past 10 years. I read and research things and learn before I jump in. I known and understand how they work which is more than I can say for the last 2 service guys who came here. All of my furnaces are 60k btu. Started with 4 Bryant units and have now replaced 2 of them with Weatherking. Bryant units were unreliable partly by design and mainly by poor installation by a "qualified" installer/contractor. They also were 90% units. The main problem that plagues all these so-called "high tech" furnaces is that installers don't want to go to school every year to keep up with the technology so they tend to steer their customers away from any model they don't already know about. Most of my previous furnace problems stemmed from poor installation. 90% furnaces are recuperating type which means that liquid will be condensed out of the flue gases and caught in a tray and drained off to a drain near the furnace. If the furnace is NOT installed exactly level then the liquid can drip off into places like circuit boards or burners and ruin perfectly good items. My "professionally installed" furnaces were off by more than 1/2" from side to side when compared to a level resting on top flat surfaces. This makes for noisy cabinets, premature bearing failures on motors, rubbing of fans against housings and liquid condensate (which is slightly acidic in these furnaces) running off into places it should NOT go. I installed my first Weatherking 60K BTU 90% unit 2 years ago and followed the instructions TO THE LETTER and made sure it was absolutely level with no stresses applied to the cabinet by any crooked gas pipe connections or faulty dusctwork. I also made sure the PVC piping to the air in/out was emptied into the correct outside pressure zones rather than just any old way that was convenient. Guess what – the furnace is quiet as a mouse with not a hint of trouble. After a year I bought another one just like it and installed it too in the same fashion. Not a hint of trouble from it yet and I do check them. My previous furnaces and the 2 remaining furnaces in my house have plastic inducer fan motor blades that fail regularly. They and the motor must be replaced together for $250 component cost. This for a $25 motor and $5 fan blade. Rip off. My point is that the Weatherking has metal parts in those areas that caused me the most trouble. I wish it didn't have the hot surface igniter but I plan on swapping that out for the solid state ignitor anyway so knew that when I bought it. In truth it is very easy to change it out and spares can be purchased on ebay for a few bucks rather than replaced by "qualified service" at 5 times the actual price. I am NOT recommending that everyone service their own furnace but just suggesting that there are TONS of con artists out there masquerading as service techs and installers. Find a really GOOD one – do your OWN research and asked pointed questions. Buy a small level and put it on top flat surface of your furnace when he says he is done and don't pay him unless it is darn near perfect. Run it and make sure it is quiet. Assume he is an idiot until he proves otherwise and if he DOES prove otherwise – never let anyone but HIM work on your furnace. GOOD service people are worth their weight in gold but like gold they are hard to find.

John F. Regan

St. Charles, IL

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