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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

To be truthful I've only owned this hunk of crap for about 7 hours. Got everything all hooked up made sure all my switches were on followed the "start up procedure" and nothing. No led light's, fan, or spark. I know for sure that I have the 120 coming in so I intend on bringing my multimeter home with me tomorrow to see if the transformer is putting out 24 volts. I even tried the old school twisting of the red and white wires and still nothing. I have a feeling I have either a bad board or a bad transformer. But again I just unwrapped the thing. Shouldn't it work?

Charlie C.

"Weatherking installer"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a heating and air conditioning contractor. I have a Weatherking furnace in my own house. Weatherkings are made by Rheem manufacturing and we have installed maybe 400-500 units over the last 15 years, many in new homes. Now the old style drum models we never thought much of, in fact many were recalled, but I've been very impressed and satisfied with the newer models (wgra) which have a tubular heat exchanger. As stated we've been putting that model in for 10+ years. Other than standard problems which any furnace has…clogged drains…burned out igniters…or an occasional defective pressure switch, we've felt like the proverbial Maytag repairman. We have had no tubular heat exhanger go bad, we've had maybe 2 venter motor wheels out of that number of furnaces. You've got to remember that these reviews are sometimes written by dissatisfied customers, and out of thousands of any brand there are going to be some. Some dealers of other makes like to put down other makes also. In honesty I'd have to say there are a lot of well made units out there…many of the failures have been weeded out by now. You can get a bad anything. You can get a bad installation. You can get a dealer who doesn't back what he sells. But we've had good luck with this brand, too good. We've had little service, and do have our stickers on them. As for the Air conditioning, most compressors are made by only a few manufacturers, as are most ac fan motors. ac units are pretty simple, if yours isn't working it could be because of the installation (air bypassing the inside coil, improper charge of freon etc.)Most of the service on these we've had is from rodents chewing off the exterior low voltage wiring, or people hitting a coolant line with a weed whacker. An hvac dealer.


"Too many repairs"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

We had a weatherking natural gas with weatherking 1.5 ton A.C. installed in Oct.94'. In May,99', we had to replace the Evaporator Coil/ cost $300. In Nov.99' replaced flame rod. On 2/01', replaced Ignitor Bar and again in 4/03'. Finally replaced limit switch twice between 2006 and 2008. It just seems that it was one problem after another. Our installer confirmed that the evaporator coil should not have gone bad within that short of time. Our last repairman told us he had sold Weatherking in the past but found too many issues with them so stopped selling them.

Janet Schminkey

Cedar Rapids, IA

"Gordon Haggans Owner furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased a WeatherKing wgra-10ezajs Model 1999. Installer made an error and caused the heat exchanger to fail. Was replaced and another large return was put in. System has been running fine. It just had its first service CAll to clean out the water pump that had gotten dirty..Always on line and giving us plenty of heat!. Recommend it to anybody….Always have a service contact also. No one or machine is perfect… Gordie Haggans

Gordon Haggns

Milford, Connecticut

"Piece of JUnk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

An absolute piece of junk. Our problems are the same as everyone else who wrote here. On cold days can't get the house over 60 degrees. Constantly shuts itself off and then restarts, causing electric bills through the roof. Leaves you stranded. On the cold days all you can do is keep turning it off and on and pray it will start running again. Repairman after repairman who don't have a clue what's wrong and just keep replacing things. My brother in law visited us recently, he happens to be in the hvac business, as soon as he saw the furnace he told us they were an absolute piece of junk. What a complete ripoff. Someone needs to shut Weatherking down. Oh, yeah, and of course (like everyone else) we also have had to replace pumps and circuit board, lol, those were the first to go.

S Ferry


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