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"Service Tech"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I Have been a service Tech for over 20 years and have been installing Rheem Equipment on the side for 25 years and I would not install any other brand. I have read most of the negative feedback on here and I can almost determine that most of the problems are due to lack of experience of the installer or they are just plain lazy! I found several people talking about limits being replaced ,Ignitors being changed often, blowers coming on when they want or units just starting and shutting off. It is all caused by your installer in which they oversized the unit or undersized the duct. 95%of the problems I fix are related to installation error. Before installing new equipment have the contractor perform a heat load calculation on your home this will eliminate almost all off your problems. Oh and if your wondering how many of my installs failed, only the installs I did on friday when I was younger. Just saying. Good luck .

Mr Rheem



5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Mr. John Jones, this is Jon Moon. Your problem is a flame sensor. It is a rod that has one wire going to it that sits in front of the flame on the left side of the furnace. This a common problem with all furnaces. To fix this problem is to pull it out and take a pocket knife and clean it. Do not rub it hard and doo not use sand paper. James M. I dont know what problem you are having????? When there are problems you need to find someone else to come and fix them. Just guessing, the furnace is over sized or not istalled right. A Huff. If your furnace is 30 years old then you should be very happy. It's time for a new one. Just remember you should go with a 95% or above. In 2014 all brands are going to stop making 80% furnace thanks to the EPA!!!!!! S Phillips What is the problem???? Need to find a new service man!!!! joe Jones Dont call your home warranty people!!!! Call the people that installed it. If Weatherking ( Rheem) fins out that companies are installing there stuff and won't take care of problems when it is brand new they will not allow them to buy any more. Kevin All furnaces start up cold tell the blower starts going full speed and it shuts down the burners at temp and then the furnace gets down to 160 and shuts of then blower. If it takes to long to get warm the the people that installed it needs to come back out and check the gas pressure in the gas valve. B.A There is no way your furnace lasted only 2 years for one and 2 your furnace has a 10 year parts warranty. All in all peole, just like I said before — Get a new serviceman. Also remember that any company can buy a weatherking. Buy a Rheem! You have to be a good company to buy Rheem Call me at 816-878-7887 if any ?'s

Jon Moon

Kansas City, MO

"Pilot Lite Problem"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Mr. Jon Moon the people are not crazy, the problem Mr. Joe Jones & Mr. S. Phillips are having is the same problem many people are having with these furnaces. The pilot lite will blow out when the gas valve opens and the flames inject into the heat exchanger causing the pilot to go out. The rush of air generated by the injector coming on blows the pilot out over night and in return cold air is cycled through out the house. Mr. Moon if you have any suggestion on how this manufacture defect should be handle i'm sure it would be appreciated.

John Cox

Cleveland, OH

"Weatherking-love it"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'am an hvac company owner and installer. I installed the top of the line Weatherking Select 90 plus furnace with variable speed blower and modulating gas valve 12 years ago and I love it. I have not had one problem with it. Funny thing I choose it because it was the smallest unit I could find. Needed room to get an air conditioning coil on top of it. It is only 34" tall. Furnace is in garage in split level home. It is quiet and keeps the home warm. Unfortuately I can no longer get them in my area. It get my top recommendation.

Brent Jones

Puyallup, WA

"The Quality of My Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my furnace since I purchased my house in August, 2009. This house was brand new when I purchased it, so the furnace was brand new as well. My furnace is in the basement of my home and has to heat the basement, main level and my upstairs. I like my furnace because it is very quiet and reliable. I also like it because it is very energy efficient; for the amount of space it has to heat, my winter bill is never too high. There is also an air exchange attached to it as well that is very nice. I do not have any reason to dislike my furnace. I have never had any issues with it either. That could be related to the fact it is brand new. I would definitely recommend this furnace to a friend if they needed to look into a new furnace. I would also buy this brand again.

Milaca, MN

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