WeatherKing Furnaces

Weatherking Furnaces

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Weatherking Furnace Overview

Although the WeatherKing brand, which was sold to Rheem in 1989, is now largely defunct, furnaces and parts for this line of furnaces are still available with a variety of features.

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WeatherKing 80-Series Gas Furnaces

WeatherKing furnaces with AFUE ratings of 80 percent are available for upflow applications with a horizontal option or for downflow applications. Many are equipped with a pressure regulator that can be modified for either natural or LP gas. For added comfort, accessory WeatherKing products, such as an electronic air cleaner or humidifier, can be added to the furnace via the integrated boards. Thermostats must be purchased separately. These compact units are designed for convenient and discrete installation with left and right side inlet connections.

Both upflow and downflow gas furnaces have direct spark ignitions, and direct-drive multi speed blowers are available. Downflow gas furnaces have corrosion-resistant heat exchangers made from stainless and aluminized steel and come with molded permanent filters. Their operational sound is minimized by the draft inducer motor, insulated blower compartment and slow-open gas valve housed behind a pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet.

WeatherKing 90-Series Gas Furnaces

Upflow and downflow/horizontal furnaces are available in this WeatherKing series. Able to be converted for either natural or LP gas function, these units have an AFUE of up to 92 percent and a gas efficiency of 90 percent. Accessory products can be connected to the integrated control board, which also has diagnostic capabilities. Thermostats must be purchased separately.

This higher efficiency series has a hot surface ignition and in-shot burners for air/gas mixture regulation. The textured galvanized steel cabinets and draft inducer reduce noise.

Care and Maintenance of WeatherKing Furnaces

It is recommended that homeowners contact an authorized dealer annually to have the furnace checked and cleaned.


The ICECO division of Rheem previously held responsibility for providing part replacement if failure occurred under normal use within designated timeframes, although Rheem let lapse the ICECO trademark in 2011. WeatherKing gas heat exchangers typically come with a 20-year limited warranty. Residential installation of single-phase products comes with a 5-year limited warranty on all other parts. Homeowners should contact their installer or local dealer for complete and up-to-date warranty information.

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