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WeatherKing WLKB Air Conditioner Overview

WeatherKing, a discontinued brand once produced by Rheem, manufactured the WKLB commercial packaged cooling unit. This two-stage air conditioner offers up to 9.2 SEER and has a cooling capacity of up to 90,000 Kw. This model also is compatible for field- or factory-installed heating kits.

This unit is constructed with 18-gauge sheet metal, reinforced with a coat of G90. A one-piece top features a drip lid and gasket-protected panels and screws, as well as a coil guard, to further help protect the unit from outside elements.

The WKLB also is promoted by the manufacturer for its easy installation and maintenance, due in part to forkable base rails for easy handling, accessible factory-installed filters and its slide out blower. Additional components of the WKLB include a 2-stage compressor, condenser fan motor and an outdoor coil with enhanced fin design.

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WeatherKing WLKB Air Conditioner Reviews


3.0 rating

Truth be told Weatherking and Rheem are the same equipment. Remember just because a technician tells you a compressor is bad does not mean its true. a stuck compressor may seem like its faulty but a good tech. can get it started. a compressor could be overheated appearing to be shorted internally when in reality its just off on the overload. So always make sure you are not getting conned by the tech — or — for that matter, make sure he knows what he is doing. As far as the compressor being faulty after one week, I find that hard to believe, and if so installer screwed up. Also, $615.00 for a contactor? Whew they saw you coming a mile away I am sorry to say. Even an emergency call would have been $200.00 cheaper.

b chat

new orleans la

"Very Unsatisified"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My house is only 7 years old and we were just told that we have to replace the compressor and condensor. This unit only had a 5 year warranty. Steer clear of this brand.

M. Smith

Greenwell Springs, LA

Other WLKB Reviews

As a discontinued commercial unit, reviews for the WLKB are few and far between. However, comments on WeatherKing cooling products can be found online on consumer forums. Most mentions revolve around troubleshooting issues or consumers searching for product literature.

Sites such as post a variety of queries regarding WeatherKing heating and cooling units. Common issues include general component failures, inconsistent operation and problems with the unit shutting off completely. Consumers also complain about calling for repairs shortly after installation and on an ongoing basis afterward.

While emphasizing that proper installation is key for performance, several contractors on recommend steering clear of WeatherKing products, stating that these units do not have the longevity of other brands.

WeatherKing WLKB Model Numbers

The WLKB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
WLKB-A090C 87,000
WLKB-A090D 87,000

WLKB Warranty

In general, WeatherKing’s parent company, Rheem, provides a full replacement or repair for compressor and any electric resistance heat element for 5 years under its limited warranty. All remaining parts have a 1-year limited warranty.

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