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Voltas Brand Overview

Voltas Manufacturer Overview

Voltas Ltd. is the largest central air conditioning company in India. Based in Mumbai, India, Voltas provides various products for air conditioning, improved indoor air quality, heating and ventilation. Voltas is owned by the Tata Group, which had revenues of approximately $100.4 billion in 2017.

Corporate History

In 1954, Voltas Ltd. was established and by the Voltas Brothers and Tata Sons Pvt. Ltd. Since then, it has acquired numerous subsidiaries and expanded its available services and products. Voltas has received numerous awards including top industry honors from organizations such as the Engineering Export Promotion Council and MEP Middle East Awards. The company currenty has a network of over 9,700 dealers across India.

Product Lines

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Voltas manufactures residential and commercial air-conditioning systems. Residential units are available in split-system, window, cassette and slimline designs. Split units are available in 2 star, 3 star, and 5 star range models, with an efficiency of up to 3.60 EER and sound levels of less than 39 decibels for the 5 star units.

Environmental Impact

Voltas considers itself to be an active participant in the “green movement.” Not only does Voltas follow eco-friendly practices in the manufacture of its products, it also tries to design products that are efficient and sustainable. Voltas works with other organizations that participate in eco-friendly practices and promotes environmentally responsible technologies for air and water purification and other green products. Voltas has published literature of the company’s vision of “The Green Evolution.”

Voltas was a 2013 recipient of the National Energy Conservation Award in recognition of its promotion and sale of energy efficient products.


To receive full warranty benefits, the product must be registered. The company website offers Voltas Genuine Spare Parts and round the clock service and helpline. Maintenance contracts also are available for purchase.

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