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Vogelzang Wood Stove Reviews

"Garbage! Unreliable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Vogelzang vg5790 pellet stove. I've had it 1 full season now. Last season a nut cane loose in the hopper and destroyed the motor and auger. This year it worked for a week and the Air Pressure switch has gone bad. They won't send me a replacement unless I pay $190 for the part. This stove has been down (broken) so much that I have burned less than a pallet of pellets in it. It constantly gets filled with unburied pellets and smokes up my entire house. The Vogelzang products are junk!! And the service is bad too. It is not a reliable product! I am constantly worried about my pipes freezing.

Bob Diefenderfer


"One wood stove to rule them all!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this stove for less than 3 months. I purchased it for this coming winter in Ohio in order to save money. I was at first skeptical about wood stoves, by this stove has really sold me. It says it heats 1200 sq ft and this is absolutely true. My entire downstairs is completely warm and my family is never cold. The small, compact, easily accessible stove vents very well. It also like many is made of cast iron which barely requires for maintenance. I have recommended this to both my friends and family, by the simple ease of use and the savings on heat. The clean up is also very smooth, I just shovel out the used embers with ease. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for one. It may be a little bit pricey, but you are paying for quality and this is definitely top shelf.


Batavia, Ohio

"Good Little Heater"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I bought this to warm up my work shed. I Have owned this unit for several years (since 2013) and have never had any trouble with it. Love that it warms up the entire space in just minutes. It might take longer for larger spaces so your results may vary. Maintenance is easy as this unit has a built-in ash receptacle. The only issue I have ever had was with the installation. I did not opt for a professional installer. One issue I had were not directly related to the stove itself, but with all the exhaust piping and elementary construction. Also, the blower noise is noticeable, but not disruptive in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who is simply looking for a durable convenient stove to warm up any space up to 1200 square feet. I would definitely purchase this unit again.

Saratoga Springs, NY

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