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"Just Don't go there!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Viessmann Vitodens 200 installed 5 years ago and had nothing but problems. Another f5 fault. It's snowing outside -1 degree, engineer can't come for 5 days and, yes, viessmann have no customer service or assistance other than "look on our website for engineers in your area you can call". For a system this expensive, it should work for longer than a few months!! Just don't go there, please. Listen to the other customer reviews and other blog sites.

P Millican

Northumberland, England

"Wish I never had got one"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Can't leave the house unattended in the winter. It's been the most unreliable purchase I ever made. It's three years old and has never worked right. Despite many service calls. I want my old 1970 Utica Boiler back.


Adirondacks NY

"Pricing in Canada verses US, for all boilers"

3.0 rating

Viessmann remains defiant when hard evidence is presented on pricing. US pricing for the same products are much lower. (from on line and whole sale outlets). They come up with and cite 20 reasons why the same boiler cost much more in Canada. (bull) On line retailers and whole sellers sell for a lot less in the US. Reasons given are, you won't get all the parts, taxes are higher, you wont get service. However they state in the warranty that defective parts will be replaced at no cost (within 3 years). You will go around the block with them more than a few times on that issue. Dr. Viessmann is lengthening (has?)his private run way in Germany and since we are a small market we contribute a lot more than in a competitive market. (is a much more reasonable explanation) I like the Viessmann boilers, however the support given does not make up for it. Their is a very large premium on their boilers. Just like books and all the rest we pay, and we pay much more than us customers. We need to let them know that we know when they feed us bullshit.

H. Stroemsnes

Windsor, ON,

"F4 and F5 for viessmann"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Aparrently these are meant to be the best boilers in the market, for us in 6 months time it broke 4 times, we rent and apparrenlt the house is 4 years old so the boiler can;t be elder than that… we had 3 times an f5 and now, today an f4, the guys that is fitting it keeps saying that these are the best boilers in the market, but this is cr*p, seriously, don't buy it; I bet a cheapest solution will be more reliable by this P.O.s

Angeliki V.

London, Greenwich

"Viessman boilers blow the rest out of the market wake up if you think different"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I ve fitted viessman 100w for the last 7 years only time i ve got and f4 is when system had a leak boiler gos to f4 for saftey resons you wouldent run your kettle without water looking at the complents you can tell there system and installer problems because I can tell you Ive fitted loads of them never replaced a part then you hear problems like replacing expansion vessel then the installer should have fitted an other one all system boilers only come with 8/10 litre vessel with will only do 6 rad systems every complent in these reviews can be explained and there far from boiler problems thats why complants are from home owers and not heating contractors.Also every boiler training day ive being on the only boiler still working is the viessman the rest you cant even change gas rates because off the poor quailty of parts the rest of the boilers do be falling apart no messing build quailty is 100% also when you commission them there always bang on no hours messing with them to get them right what else can I say dont lising to householders how went for the cheapist job and are now paying the price are moto is do it right the first time and you wont look back.

Philip marry

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