Utica UB90-200 Boilers

Utica UB90-200 Boiler Overview

Made in the United States, Utica’s UB90-200 boiler series is an Energy Star-rated product operating at 90 percent AFUE. The four models of the UB90-200 boiler function with either natural gas or propane.

The heat exchanger is made from cast aluminum, which the manufacturer explains heats faster and transfers heat faster than cast iron products due to the material’s thermal conductivity. The system uses a simple control system, which includes an integrated boiler control. The controls come with high limit and low water cut-offs, a reset feature meant to save fuel and a temperature limit feature. The hot surface igniter and single-stage gas valve are designed for reliable start-up, and all parts are created with easy access for installation and maintenance in mind.

The Utica UB90-200 boiler also is designed with air quality in mind. Instead of using indoor air, the unit’s forced draft design pulls air from the outdoors for combustion. Furthermore, the direct vent system, premix gas burner and low flame temperature result in 30- to 50-percent reduced CO and NOx emissions.

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Utica UB90-200 Boiler Reviews

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"3rd boiler aluminum heat exchange cracked again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built our home 13 years ago, spent $ on "top of the line, most efficient boiler". It's a lemon! Has left us w/out heat at least 2ce a year from day 1. Repeated parts fail to start 2nd winter. Little to garbage warranty. We are now having to put in our 3rd boiler, and eat the cost of parts and labor again! The cast aluminum heat exchanger has cracked on this unit too. This is a problem w/ all of them. The company has stopped making them because of it. Yet they will only replace w/ the same thing, parts and labor our problem, or give a credit of 1300.00 for an upgrade to either a 3100.00 or 5500.00 unit, also parts and labor our problem. Everyone contact your attorney general, this is consumer fraud, they are not standing behind their sub-par product. If we complain enough, they won't have a choice!

A Costello

New York


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had Utica Boiler Model UB90-150 installed in 2009. Have had problems with it from day 1. Main issue is with failing to complete the proving mode cycle upon startup. Boiler will not prove beyond initial Purge mode cycle in order to complete other 3 proving cycles (igniter, valve & flame). Our hvac installer has replaced the Integrated Boiler Control (ibd) microprocessor twice, along w/ many other components. Still can count on this prove cycle failure every year. Hoping no other issues will surface, I.E. boiler casting failure, etc. Cannot leave home in winter for fear of boiler failure and frozen pipes/subsequent home water damage. Had a wireless thermostat installed so I could remotely monitor home temp while away…….cost I had to incur! A class action lawsuit may be in order is I cannot reach any resolution with Utica Boiler, which I will attempt 1st. I will also reach out to NYS Attorney General to see if they will pursue.

Andy S.

New Hartford, NY

"Never recommend a Utica boiler"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boiler was installed in July 2008. In March 2013 a crack was found and a Utica monoblock was installed with a circulator pump and unit UB 90-150-II. In January 2015, the boiler was leaking and there was corrosion within the unit. The boiler was replaced by another brand. The company, ERC, manufacturer of Utica, only offered $300 as compensation for a product that gave us unacceptable performance and reliability. The previous non-Utica boiler lasted more than 30 years of reliability.

walter probst

New Jersey

"It is a very bad boiler brand."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

It is a very bad boiler brand. Broke coil in one year and panel broke 2 years. Cast aluminum broke leaking third year. Very bad warranty

mr X

New Jersey

"Don't buy one!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Problems every year since installation in 2005. Igniter replaced almost every year, water leak, and now a broken burner. Gas leaked into the house, could have been a disaster. When I call the company, they listen sympathetically, then refer me to the regional sales manager who won't return my calls. There needs to be a class action against them. I had heard they had a good reputation, and I'd think they would do anything to keep it, but evidently not.


Beloit WI

Other UB90-200 Reviews

Online reviews of the UB90-200 are generally positive. Among them, on advice.thisoldhouse.com, the UB90-200 is included in one professional technician’s list of units that provide “excellent condensing modulating speed” in part because of its outdoor reset function. In addition, an HVAC professional notes on www.heatinghelp.com that his company has had “good luck” with this boiler series. In the same thread, a responding consumer chimes in that the company’s technical support has been good.

Among the few problems posted on the heatinghelp.com site is an issue with a unit that is “pulsating” when it starts to run. After checking the venting, a tech who has checked on a similar problem suggests changing the burner tube; this poster says burner tube issues have reportedly been a recurring problem with this unit.

UB90-200 Warranty

Utica warranties the UB90-200 boiler under limited conditions for 15 years. During the first year, the warranty covers all parts. For the second through fifteen years, the warranty covers the heat exchanger and not the component parts.

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