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Utica MGB Boiler Overview

The Utica MGB boiler series is a discontinued gas-burning water boiler offering fuel efficiencies up to 84.1 percent. With easily accessible components and a compact design, the MGB was promoted by the manufacturer for its easy installation and service. The unit came factory-assembled, wired, tested and ready to be installed in a new or existing home.

This series featured a cast iron heat exchanger, an optional “on-demand” ignition control and an automatic vent damper designed to provide better heat retention and more efficient heating. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel burners and an integrated flue collector and draft hood were also features of this unit. With its atmospheric burners, the unit allowed for natural draft chimney venting.

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Utica MGB Boiler Reviews

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"My worst investment ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this unit installed 25 months ago, nothing but problems. Wish I had kept my old one, not only did I waste my money, but I woke up freezing many mornings. Service tech has been to my house 26 times to do a temporary fix, do not buy Utica boilers.



"Great boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had my Utica MGB100 for 21 years and never had any problems with it until recently. The problem now is the parts are worn. It's time for a new one, it was great boiler. Good job Utica, thank you.

Hugh Jones

Chicopee, MA

"I'm a contractor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought 3 of these POS. All three failed. No help from Spewitca, or supply whorehouse. You have to replace the entire pilot and ignition system to make it work. Thanks for nothing! Over 12 hours of lost labor, in emergency situations! And the best part……Spewitca won't compensate me! Do your homework everybody before getting screwed by this major purchase!

Utica owes me compensation

East coast


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Came home and found water on the floor. Boiler leaking from the heat exchanger. Big crack in plate. The pressure relief valve did not blow. Called the supply house, they will not sell the part. $1400.00 for new block. Might as well buy a new boiler. Previous boiler was 30 + years old. This one lasted 17 years.

Dennis Geiss

Schererville, IN

"My boiler leaks and it's only been installed for 2 days"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I just bought a boiler. It's been in for 2 days and I can tell that it has a leak. What's the deal? The unit is leaking on the burner. What should I do about that? I'm a contractor, and what do I tell my customer, that the brand new heater I just installed in her home is leaking? Who the hell needs this kind of worry? Damn, I thought this was to good to be true. I wont buy any more of their shit. 10/25/2014, it's 2 days old.

nathaniel daniels

United States

Other MGB Reviews

Homeowners and contractors around the web don’t seem very happy with the Utica MGB. In response to consumers’ troubleshooting problems, contractors on heatinghelp.com note several issues with the construction of the unit.

Certain elements of the MGB, such as lack of insulation around the boiler, frequent burn out from damper motor, counterintuitive system operation, and a difficult-to-repair heat exchanger, make this model a less than favorable choice, according to these contractors. Because of these issues, the professionals on heatinghelp.com recommend a different unit to homeowners shopping for a home heating solution.

In addition, consumers on heatinghelp.com note the lack of support from Utica. Several indicate they could not get the answers to seemingly simple questions–such as whether or not the unit has a dampener or the minimum and maximum flow rates of the unit–from the company.

Utica MGB Model Numbers

The MGB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
MGB100D 80 100000
MGB100ID 83 100000
MGB125D 80 125000
MGB125ID 82 125000
MGB150D 80 150000
MGB150ID 83 150000
MGB175D 80 175000
MGB175ID 81 175000
MGB200D 80 199000
MGB200ID 81.9 199000
MGB225D 80 225000
MGB225ID 80.5 225000
MGB250D 80 250000
MGB250ID 80.5 250000
MGB275D 80 275000
MGB275ID 80.5 275000
MGB300D 80 299000
MGB300ID 80.5 299000
MGB38D 80 38000
MGB38ID 84.1 38000
MGB50D 80 50000
MGB50ID 84.1 50000
MGB75D 80 75000

MGB Warranty

Utica Boilers offers a 1-year limited parts warranty and limited lifetime warranty on all cast-iron heat exchangers. Utica boilers must be registered at the company website within 60 days to receive the full coverage. Extended warranty plans are available; homeowners should contact their local Utica dealer for more information.

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