Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Overview

There is no actual Triangle Tube Prestige boiler series. Instead, the Prestige is a line of three different series.

Triangle Tube Prestige boilers are stainless steel, wall-mount condensing units, and include the Prestige Trimax Solo, which features an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE; the Prestige Trimax Excellence, which features a built-in 14-gallon indirect fired water heater and an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE; and the Prestige Cascade System, which is not a stand-alone boiler but a manifold system which can join 2-5 Prestige boilers.

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Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Reviews

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"Triangle Tube is the most reliable condensing boiler I have installed."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

In the last 20 years of installing and servicing boilers, I have found that the new Triangle Tube Prestige boiler and control is the easiest and most reliable. With their down fire and self-cleaning combustion chamber in most conditions is easy to service and maintain. I especially like the fact that most all of their units are wall mount. This allows for easy clean-up of the mechanical room floor and prevents damage to the unit when moisture is present. They continue to listen to their consumers on items that would improve their boiler. The wiring harness on the new Prestige is a huge improvement from earlier models. The LED interface is also a great feature for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Many times I can talk to the client/customer over the phone and know what needs to be addressed before I leave the shop. This is currently the boiler we install on 95% of projects and when we replace other cast iron boilers.

Erik Chidester

Belgeade, MT

"RE: Triangle Tube"

3.0 rating

It could fail easily if not installed properly. My advice: read the manual after it is installed. Make sure the venting is correct. A simple mistake can cause you a lot of money in repair and labour. Get a reliable contractor to install it.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Triangle Tube"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have installed several Triangle Tube boilers and water heaters as a heating contractor with great success. Keep in mind the knowledge and expertise of the installer is very important to the performance and reliability of this unit. A wall hung condensing boiler is not a "Do it yourself project." I have been installing these boilers since 2006 with no problems. When changing over from a cast iron chimney vented boiler the savings is in the 30 percent range. Triangle Tube in my opinion has the best heat exchanger in the industry and is whisper quiet. I also have been out to repair boilers that I did not install and can honestly say that most of the problems are due to installer error (improper venting, incorrect piping, combustion not set up properly). If you are considering having this product installed I would call your local wholesaler and ask someone in sales to recommend a qualified installer.

Brian Slovinski


"Triangle Tube Tribulations"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Owning a Triangle Tube boiler has been a nightmare. It was installed as part of a new home build five years ago and it has been nothing but a pain in the you know what ever since. We have to reset the boiler at least three times a week – usually in the morning as it has thrown an error overnight. So not hot shower before work. We have not been able to find a competent repair person that has even seen a tt boiler, let alone worked on one. The installer put it in and ran! My dream is to someday (soon) replace it with something reliable and trouble free.

MN Homeowner

Minneapolis, MN

"Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Triangle Tube Boiler installed last winter and it has performed well. No issues and saving money on my heating bills.

N. Rino

Trenton, NJ

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