Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Overview

There is no actual Triangle Tube Prestige boiler series. Instead, the Prestige is a line of three different series.

Triangle Tube Prestige boilers are stainless steel, wall-mount condensing units, and include the Prestige Trimax Solo, which features an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE; the Prestige Trimax Excellence, which features a built-in 14-gallon indirect fired water heater and an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE; and the Prestige Cascade System, which is not a stand-alone boiler but a manifold system which can join 2-5 Prestige boilers.

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Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Reviews

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"Poor operation"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Triangle Tube boiler was sold to us in 2013 as a high efficiency boiler and replaced a 20-year-old converted oil/gas unit. Since installation, I have been tracking the daily water, gas and electric usage of the unit. While the Triangle Tube is slightly more efficient than our 20-year-old conversion unit with respect to gas usage, the Triangle Tube is significantly less efficient with electric usage, as it runs all the time. Overall electric usage from the unit, as measured on a monthly basis, has far exceeded the electric usage of the old unit and the stand-alone water tank it replaced. In addition, the unit shuts down an average of 2-3 times per week, error code e02, and requires manual restart. The heating company that installed it has made several cleaning/troubleshooting visits to the home, without success in resolving the issue. The Triangle Tube fails to start in all 4 seasons. This is most problematic over the course of the winter here in the northeast, as temperatures are well below 30 on a regular basis. I would not recommend anyone purchase this company's equipment. I have read similar problems reported by others, and no reliable, long term solutions appear to be found. Thus, I attribute this to poor design and manufacturing, and it's not worth the cost, time or frustration that one will receive with such a purchase.

J. Yakel

Schenectady, NY

"Simply pathetic, and extremely poor quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The moment we moved in to our new home with two Triangle Tube boilers we had problems. I have never seen such terrible boilers. Our contractor said they would cost around $15,000 each to replace, and they're relatively new boilers. He said they should last a long time but we have only had problems. It also seems that the repair companies love these boilers but many homeowners don't. Hmm…a shoddy manufacturer? I'm done. My husband will be very upset. When Momma is not happy no one is happy.


Denver, CO

"Very disappointed with multiple internal leaks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New construction in 2011. I must say that the plumber we used turned out to be a terrible example of the trade. He may have screwed up the glycol mixture, which could have resulted in the leaks. He also plumbed the radiant floor manifold backwards and made numerous other stupid mistakes. The Triangle Tube has had two sensor failures and an intermittent controller fault which shuts it down. So it has been unreliable. But now it is leaking glycol all over my floor and has to have all the internal gaskets replaced (not covered by the warranty).

Tim Lefebvre

New Durham, NH

"Triangle Tube is terrible"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Triangle Tube is the homeowner's worst nightmare. A disaster awaits you with the changing of pipes, leaking pipes, bad wiring and water all over your house. And they get away with it. Shame on this company, in bed with builders who couldn't care less in South Jersey. Shame on the executives of this company, as well as the builders who cheat their clients.

ellen kelly

Barnegat, NJ


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My Triangle Tube Prestige was installed in 2009 with a remodel. It has been a continual problem since installation. I have to call the installer 3-5 times year when I can't get the system to restart. I experience the same things as many of the other dissatisfied customers. I woke up again this morning to a cold house, no hot water as the unit has failed in the night. It is in the 40's here this morning! It's great trying to get ready for work in a cold house with no hot water! I never had to call a repairman in the 14 years with the previous boiler. And I agree that I have not seen any energy savings.

S. Berry

Kalamazoo, MI

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