Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boilers

Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boiler Overview

The Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo is a high-efficiency stainless steel wall-mounted gas boiler. The Prestige Trimax Solo is both ASME certified and Energy Star listed, and has a stainless steel heat exchanger which provides an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE. The Trimax Solo series offers quiet operation, higher water volume than competitive units, and comes with a digital control panel that controls up to four circulators. The boiler has a stainless steel premix burner and is available for natural gas or propane.

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Consumer Reviews of Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo


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  • #2 of 7 Triangle Tube Boiler
  • 47.37% of customers recommended

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Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boiler Reviews

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"One Year – No Problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Prestige Solo 175 running on propane with two zones hydronic air and DHW was installed in November 2012. No issues or complaints. The day it hit one year, the clock reached 1000 hours ch and 275 hours DHW. Still too early to draw conclusions about how the efficiency compares to the oil burners it replaced. I'm fully satisfied and have no regrets. I only wish it had a usable interface for capturing performance stats. The hours meter is not especially useful since it doesn't tell you how much time was spent at the various firing rates. One of these days, I might experiment with the modbus interface.


New York State

"Igniter Problems"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

We had our oil boiler replaced in 2006 with the one recommended to us by the installer: Prestige Solo. The good: big energy savings since the swap. The bad: Have had to replace the igniter twice last year. First try in the fall leads to hard "E-02" lockout – 5 tries without start. The ugly: the cost of replacing the igniter is chewing up our energy savings! I recommend that you Google this unit online before making your decision.

Marty Kleiber

Milwaukee, WI

"Installed Boiler in November 2010"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed boiler in November 2010. Not any big problems, had to reset unit now and then, unitl now. When I turned the unit on, a u 1.35 code is on the display and blower running continuously. Talked to tech. and he was very good at helping me troubleshoot the unit. After checking fuses, he told me that the control module needed to be replaced and he also suggested that the blower be replaced (may have shorted out c/m). There goes all my $$ in energy savings.


mccomb, oh


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've had a Solo 110 for a year now, but have been servicing them for over 7 years as a Technician. The reason I chose this brand was because of its reliability in the field. I was kind of disappointed with the low rating on this site, but then I started reading the reviews. It seems to be very clear that these are all written by homeowners that really don't understand heating systems. I think it's funny that customers are trying to troubleshoot these things themselves. The best thing about Triangle Tube is that, they lock the homeowner out. If the guy who installed your Prestige has a clue, ask him the code to get to the tech side of the control. If he looks at you with a blank stare, then you probably hired the wrong guy! One reviewer nailed it on the head by saying that these and any condensing boilers should only be installed or serviced by qualified Mechanics. Most of the complaints I have read sound like user/installer errors. The controls on condensing units have to be set properly. Most important is that the piping system attached to it be correct, or designed to match the boiler. Most plumbers just cut your old boiler out and connect the new high efficiency boiler to what's left. This is where most of your problems will be. If you read a review of the boiler having frequent error codes and they just keep replacing parts, then they should be more upset at the guy who's making the money off those parts! Maybe they should find someone who can find out why the boiler keeps failing instead of just replacing the things that fail. Trust me, in my field 90% of the time it's something less tangible than the boiler making the problems. This is why I chose the Prestige, heat exchanger has low pressure drop which makes system design easier. Self cleaning heat exchanger which means it needs no annual maintenance, open neat interior for easy access to components, and most of all… Two sided control board, one for easy set up and a back side where you can fine-tune efficiency. There is only one thing I can tell anyone that's looking to purchase a condensing boiler. If the boiler you bought wasn't installed by someone who actually reads and understands the manual, then you will be one of the many frustrated homeowners writing delusional reviews on this page.


Boston, Ma

"Buyer beware"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Triangle Tube Prestige 110 installed in 2009 and less than 4 years later the following parts need to be replaced: low water cutoff pressure device, boiler piping return assembly, pressure gauge and fitting. Of course all these parts only have a 1 year warranty. Buyer beware.

A. Rasa

Rutland, VT

Other Prestige Trimax Solo Reviews

Several consumers on mentioned how pleased they are with the heating efficiency of the Prestige Trimax Solo. There are just a couple of negative comments about the control panel. On there are problems mentioned with the boiler pressure, but those seem to be cause by the fill valve and not the boiler itself.

Prestige Trimax Solo Warranty

Proof of annual maintenance is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty
  • 2-year limited control and blower warranty
  • 1-year limited Prestige condensing boiler component parts warranty

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