Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boilers

Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boiler Overview

The Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo is a high-efficiency stainless steel wall-mounted gas boiler. The Prestige Trimax Solo is both ASME certified and Energy Star listed, and has a stainless steel heat exchanger which provides an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE. The Trimax Solo series offers quiet operation, higher water volume than competitive units, and comes with a digital control panel that controls up to four circulators. The boiler has a stainless steel premix burner and is available for natural gas or propane.

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  • #2 of 7 Triangle Tube Boiler
  • 47.37% of customers recommended

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Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Boiler Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought 2 new Prestige Solo 110's for my apt home. Trouble, trouble, trouble….NO Response from company, ever!!! Very, very bad to deal with…no customer service at all!!! If it wasn't 1 part it was another & another. Junk, junk all the way!!

Harriet Ess


"Absolutely Junk – Do not waste your money on this unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Prestige 110 and it worked great for the first nine months, then came winter. Many times I woke to a cold house and e-02 errors. Resetting it got it working again each time. Then out goes the blower which no one in the area had. $500 later and it was running again. Winter number two and the hot water return sensor went out, there went another $200, this was followed by the the displace panel failure and another $250 two months later! Winter three and another blower motor failure and several days without heat while waiting on one of yeah and $500. This unit has been junk, Triangle Tube representative are rude when you call them and will not deal with individual owners, only certified installers. I will never purchase anything they make again and would recommend you do not either! This unit is going into the trash this spring and being replaced with a Buderus unit.


West Bend, WI

"$13000 Worth of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this boiler less than three years and my costs for repairs and service are $2000!! I have had weather at minus 10 and house would not heat past 68 degrees. I was told by installers that perhaps I should purchase some electric heaters to take up the slack. The Motherboard just went out and cost $900. I can not own this money pit..God…what have I gotten into and how do I get out of this???


Anchorage, Alaska

"Frequency and other problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

To all with the generator issue, this system is computer controlled unit. It needs to operate at 60hz +- 1%. you need a very good generator to maintain that! Don't blame the boiler. As for all the other problems people are having I'll bet 99% of it is from lack of knowledge by the installer. I had many of the same problems that other reviews referred to, hard shut down, no domestic hot water, system running cold, etc. I got into the program and got with the manufacture and they helped me through it. That solved most of the problems but there were still some hard shutdowns. I had to re-plumb a lot of the plumbing, again installer did not have a clue what he was doing. If it wasn't for my abilities to be able to fix just about anything, I to would be very disgusted with this unit. If the manufacture curtailed the dealer, distributors better, I believe they would have no problems.



"Terrible customer relations"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I too am always having error code 02 since it was brand new. At least 15 times a year it codes out for absolutely no reason. Thankfully I know what to jiggle to get it going again. My complaint that really bothers me is that they will supply their product to online sellers but will not back up their warranty if you buy this way. Seems they want their cake and eat it too. If they let them sell them they should back them. Look on their main page and they have this disclaimer now but they did not when I got it. I have talked with their customer service several years ago and they gave suggestions then but now I am not welcome o use it. They sell their products to authorized dealers that don't have service departments (Aird Dorrance). They will sell you the parts you need but no techs. This makes no sense. They also had a class action law suit filed against them, I wonder why. I have to say when it works it works nicely and is super clean compared to my old oil burner. I am now retired and would like to spend my winters down south but I am married to the north country because I cannot trust this furnace to stay running.

J. Armstrong

Mineville NY

Other Prestige Trimax Solo Reviews

Several consumers on mentioned how pleased they are with the heating efficiency of the Prestige Trimax Solo. There are just a couple of negative comments about the control panel. On there are problems mentioned with the boiler pressure, but those seem to be cause by the fill valve and not the boiler itself.

Prestige Trimax Solo Warranty

Proof of annual maintenance is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty
  • 2-year limited control and blower warranty
  • 1-year limited Prestige condensing boiler component parts warranty

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