Triangle Tube Challenger Combination Boilers

Triangle Tube Challenger Combination Boiler Overview

The Triangle Tube Challenger Combination is an energy efficient combination gas-fired boiler with an efficiency rating of 94% AFUE. The Challenger features a “two in one” condensing heat exchanger which supplies both area heat and domestic hot water, maximizing efficiency while allowing for easier maintenance. The Challenger comes in three sizes from 84 to 124 MBH, yet is compact enough for closet installation. The Challenger features a stainless steel burner with direct spark ignition and a variable speed blower assembly.

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Triangle Tube Challenger Combination Boiler Reviews

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"CC125h combi"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm entering my 3rd year of service with 2 cc125h combi boilers (propane) which have operated flawlessly since their install in a rental property in Ct. One apt is 1,300 sq ft., the other is 900 sq. Ft.-never any complaints about lack of heat or hot water even at minus 8 degrees outside. In all my hot water units I always recommend a modest level of antifreeze for unexpected problems or power outages. These are great units and the technology is impressive, takes time to understand and watch them work. The biggest problem is techs don't take time to learn the technology needed for a good install, many still install these like an oil boiler from the 70'S. And shame on you homeowners who always go for the lowest bid-those are installers who omit important parts for a fast buck at your expense and then blame the unit.



"Worst heating system ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased this heating system less than 4 years ago and since the beginning we had nothing but trouble!! As a result of a part malfunctioning the heating stopped working in Jan when the tenants were on break and we had burst pipes throughout the house costing $17k worth of damage and on top of that having to put tenants up in a hotel until the house was fixed!! Since then we have had 4 different error codes resulting in very expensive repairs.We have now decided to replace it with a system that works!! Does anyone have a contact # to voice my problems

Mary Devlin

Amherst, MA

"DIY Install"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm sorry to see so many users are dissatisfied with the Challenger. I have the cc105 and it is sized perfectly for our ashrae Manual j needs. I installed it myself in 2013 and had a problem with the water from the well moving too quickly into the water heater. It broke the flow control. I put a pressure monitor on the incoming water and solved the problem. I had to buy the part and didn't think it needed to be covered under warranty since it was the water pressure. And the support people were very helpful. It does take awhile to order a part but that is true of most appliances. I think the part was about $100. Since then the boiler has run as advertised and I have serviced it every heating season. I only did a heat exchanger cleaning after two seasons though. That takes some time. It has been quiet and it modulates just fine with the outside sensor. We use an average 60 therms of gas per month from November through March to keep our 2200 square ft house with radiant heat and radiators at 70 degrees. We are also passive solar and well insulated. The average temperature during those months was 40 degrees and the average bill for usage was $44. That is very reasonable for heat and it is due to proper sizing of the unit, multiple zones run by a single variable speed pump and its reliability has been fine for five years. I hope it continues to perform well.


Denver, CO

"Over priced garbage"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed the Triangle Tube Challenger combo unit. It worked beautiful for 18 months. Then one day it stopped working. I went out to check the manual to verify the diagnostic code. Which told me the blower fan was bad. Found that hard to believe but after checking online and seeing it happens all the time to these pos units. And of course the Blower fan only has a one-year warranty by Triangle Tube which is awfully convenient considering The majority of them break between one year and two years. Now I need to explain to my customer that the unit I supplied needs a $600 blower motor. Thanks Triangle tube. Oh yeah and their customer service is awful.

Louis Bucci

South Plainfield, NJ

"Such a disappointment."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After 2 years the fan broke and cost us $900.00 to replace, let alone it happened on Christmas Eve and cost an additional $200 just to tell us the part would need to be ordered and would have to wait 4 days because of holiday to have heat and hot water. We also had family in town and was not a comfortable Christmas due to no heat and hot water. Then 4 weeks later, the fan went again, but this time the part was covered since it was only 4 weeks old. Such a disappointment. Wish we never converted to gas !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Norwich, CT

Other Challenger Combination Reviews

Online reviews of the Challenger Combination boiler appear to be very positive. Several contractors and homeowners on referred to the Challenger Combi as a very compact, efficient and service-friendly unit. A reviewer on a different stated that the Challenger Combination is an excellent unit but is better for small houses with smaller heating loads.

Challenger Combination Warranty

Product registration is required for full warranty protection. The Challenger Combination boiler is covered by a limited 1-year parts warranty and a limited 10-year non-prorated heat exchanger warranty. 5- and 10-year parts and labor plans are also available.

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