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ngle Tube produces boilers, water heaters, and other water heating products for domestic, commercial, and industrial markets. Triangle Tube is headquartered in Blackwood, NJ, and is a part of the ACV Group, a privately held company.

Corporate History

Triangle Tube has been providing efficient and innovative heating products since 1946. The company has been an ISO 9001 company since 2002 and their manufacturing center in New Jersey is a massive 100,000 square foot facility with an incorporated training center.

Product Lines

Triangle Tube products include a series of wall-mounted condensing boilers called the Prestige Trimax Solo. The Prestige Trimax Solo is available in five sizes and is Energy Star listed, with an efficiency of 95%.

Indirect fired water heaters include the Smart Series, which is available in both residential and commercial sizes and comes with Triangle Tube’s exclusive “Tank-in-Tank” design. The Tank-in-Tank feature boasts long life expectancy with minimal regular maintenance. The Smart Multi Energy unit is a hybrid tank ideal for solar and geothermal uses.

The company’s direct fired water heaters include the Keystone condensing unit, which has a thermal efficiency between 95 and 97%, and the Marquis condensing gas tankless unit, with a .97 Energy Factor.

Another line of products is the Triangle Tube line of heat exchangers for swimming pools, spas and many other domestic and commercial heating applications. They come in both stainless steel and titanium with 55 years of production history.


Triangle Tube products come with a manufacturer’s warranty which differs according to product. All products must be registered with the company after purchase. Specific information regarding product warranty is available through customer service.

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