Trane XL14i Heat Pumps

Trane XL14i Heat Pump Overview

The Trane XL 14i split system heat pump is an energy-efficient product with several brand-named components. Available in 1.5 to 5 ton capacities, the now-discontinued XL 14i has up to 15.25 SEER and 9.6 HSPF. The unit runs on R22 refrigerant.

Equipped with a Climatuff compressor that has an internal temperature and pressure protector, the XL 14i also employs an aluminum Spine Fin coil. The coil is completely wrapped in protective material, making it resistant to corrosion, and has all-aluminum brazen joints. A DuraTuff base made of composite material allows for quick and complete drainage and the WeatherGuard II top protects the unit. The unit's exterior is coated with a glossy, corrosion-resistant finish and the unit is topped with a XL seacoast shield.

Enclosed by a Quick-Sess cabinet, the refrigerant connections and coil are fully protected, yet because the cabinet offers top and fan removal access is simple. The sound production from the XL 14i is dampened by the low airflow resistance, the insulated compressor and the integrated fan orifice.

Add-ons such as indoor/outdoor thermostats are available. Consumers can discuss additional options with their Trane dealer.

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Trane XL14i Heat Pump Reviews

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"2TWX406B1000AA & 2TEE3F65A1000AA"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased new 14xl14i 5 ton unit with air handler and new themostat 01/30/2007. Compressor failed 09/09/2008. Unit will not produce heat, service techs have come out many times and replaced boards, sensors etc… and then just say that's the way a heat pump works. Why would a unit blow 52 degree air into the house for hours and that be called normal. My old unit that came with the home lasted 10+ years and did just fine for the heat. Today I am waiting for a service tech to call me.

S Dill

Phoenix, AZ

"Trane XL14i"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had my old 1986 Trane replaced with an XL14i in July 2004. The air handler and the thermostat were also replaced as a package. In June 2007 the thermostat broke and I had to pay for the replacement. In February 2009 the outside fan motor seized up and I paid labor charges to replace the motor. October 2009 I paid for a new capacitor. On June 9, 2011 the outside fan motor was not sounding right, it was struggling to come up to speed. I again paid for a new capacitor. a few days later on June 13, 2011 the motor seized and the motor, fan blades (in case the original was out of balance), the connector block and capacitor (another new one) were replaced. I only had to pay for the labor. The XL14i is the upstairs unit of a split system and it cannot maintain a 70 degree inside temperature when the outside temperature is above 85 degrees. I have been very dissatisfied with the performance and reliability of this unit especially when compared to the older Trane system I have which is a 1988 unit and has only had one repair made to it and that was for a broken wire for the coil defrost. I will not be considering a Trane replacement in the future unless there are some dramatic changes to the quality of these systems.

J. Allen

Chesapeake, VA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After 22 years of great performance with my 2 York heat pumps, in 6/07 I decided to upgrade with the purchase of 2 Trane XL14i reliable and efficient heat pumps. Big mistake! Both Trane units continue to provide smelly air, the "dirty socks syndrome" every time the season changes. The 2.5 ton downstairs unit never heated or cooled efficiently. Both the coils in this unit's compressor and air handler are leaking refrigerant. Only $1800.00 to repair! It's my fault because I didn't have a maintenance contract, oh, and the air filter was dirty. Yeah, the parts are covered under warranty ' big deal! The upstairs unit is now starting to act up in this hot weather. I'm going to small claims court for the labor costs to repair. If I lose, I scrap the junk and try another manufacturer. When the upstairs unit goes I scrap that junk too.

Dennis Donato

Warrington, PA

"Don't buy Trane Heat Pumps"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My Trane XL14i Model 4twx4036a1000a, which I purchased thru a major home center with new attic high efficiency air mover/coil system including professional installation is falling apart literally. Guess who is responsible for hundreds of dollars of labor cost? Me. The Trane is touted to be so energy efficient and so reliable. Bull. It's not energy efficient when the condensor fan and the entire coil system with leaking refrigerant has to be totally replaced before 5 years is up. Think of all the manufacturing, distribution and installation hydrocarbons used to have this unit replaced and the old one put into a land fill. These units must be built to fall apart so you will buy a new one.

S. James

Austin, TX

"Avoid this lemon (Trane XL14i)"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Trane XL14i we replaced our previous Trane with has been a real lemon … The air handler has never delivered a truly balanced heat or cool through the house…large variances despite attempts to adjust ducting valves. In only 4 years the following have broken: yr 2 – defrost board after only 2 years yr 3 – power diode after only 3 years yr 4 – TOTAL CORE BREACH, requiring complete replacement Apparently broke in Feb, with no indication of a problem. Caused 2x normal electric bill. Worse yet, instead of replacing the entire unit they are forcing the Willis installer to only replace the condensor, so while the parts are covered, I get hit with a $1150 labor bill for the multiple hours the job will take.

S. Michel

Cincinnati, OH

Other XL14i Reviews

Online comments about Trane�s XL 14i are generally positive. However, when a consumer on asks for feedback about the value of this unit, the responses are mixed. Some contractors consider it �a good unit,� others suggest higher efficiency Trane models�notably, the XL15i�for this heat-only installation in order for the consumer to get more bang for his buck. In addition, at least one HVAC professional suggests that Trane�s products, despite their high-end promotional material and bigger price tags, achieve relatively the same performance as other brands, given a quality installation is done.

XL14i Warranty

Trane�s XL 14i heat pump comes with a limited 10-year warranty on the compressor, outdoor coil and functional parts. An optional extended warranty is available for additional coverage including labor, refrigerant and other parts for the length of the agreement.

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