Trane XL14i Heat Pumps

Trane XL14i Heat Pump Overview

The Trane XL 14i split system heat pump is an energy-efficient product with several brand-named components. Available in 1.5 to 5 ton capacities, the now-discontinued XL 14i has up to 15.25 SEER and 9.6 HSPF. The unit runs on R22 refrigerant.

Equipped with a Climatuff compressor that has an internal temperature and pressure protector, the XL 14i also employs an aluminum Spine Fin coil. The coil is completely wrapped in protective material, making it resistant to corrosion, and has all-aluminum brazen joints. A DuraTuff base made of composite material allows for quick and complete drainage and the WeatherGuard II top protects the unit. The unit's exterior is coated with a glossy, corrosion-resistant finish and the unit is topped with a XL seacoast shield.

Enclosed by a Quick-Sess cabinet, the refrigerant connections and coil are fully protected, yet because the cabinet offers top and fan removal access is simple. The sound production from the XL 14i is dampened by the low airflow resistance, the insulated compressor and the integrated fan orifice.

Add-ons such as indoor/outdoor thermostats are available. Consumers can discuss additional options with their Trane dealer.

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XL14i


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  • 19.35% of customers recommended

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Trane XL14i Heat Pump Reviews

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"Not worth it"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

9 years old. Stopped working while my other 20 year unit is still working fine.

Luke Quin

Columbia, MD


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed 7-07 and spent over $300.00 in repairs to keep it going. Now they say the unit is worn out and needs to be replaced. I spent over $7000.00 for the heat pump and installation. This unit is a piece of junk, got it from Home Depot. I have to buy another unit and it won't be a Trane.


Winchester, VA

"Not Worth Extra Cost"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

7 year owner – 14XLi. Every year it has had a problem. Every year between $300 to $1000 in parts and labor. Now they tell me the parts for this unit are in limited supply. Trane was not worth the extra cost. Really the Trane of today must have been bought by some sketchy offshore company. Not what it used to be.

Hot Collar

new jersy

"4 Compressors in 7 Years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased the new unit in 2005. In spring of 2008 had to replace the compressor. In spring of 2011 compressor burned out again and we contacted Trane's distributor and were told this was not unusual. Tried to contact Trane USA but they ignored our calls and emails. Spring 2013 and the compressor has once again burned out. Dealer is trying to tell us it is because we do not change our air filter often enough (we're away for 3 1/2 months in winter, but otherwise we change the filter every 2 months – and the filters are not clogged at all or even very dirty). Although compressor is under warranty, the labour is not, which runs about $1000 every time we have to change it.


Montreal, QC


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Trane April 2006 and the compressor already has to be replaced. Even though it is under warranty I still have to pay for the labor which is going to be around $750. When I talked to customer service they told me since I didn't buy extended warranty, labor was not covered. So basically Trane has their $5000 from me, so they aren't worried about it. Also, my aunt has a Trane unit newer than mine and her compressor also had to be replaced. Trane units used to be a good product but they are not now! So I would advise any and everyone do not purchase a Trane heat pump. I almost bought a Carrier but I thought a Trane was better. Boy was I wrong! Never another Trane for me! Update: Not only is Trane product crap but customer service or is too. They promised the dealer that the new compressor would be here by Tuesday, but now they have called and said it will be Thursday. I don't see how you people sleep at night. I guess the same way all the powerful and rich people do. All I can say is there is a place for people like you and it ain't here on earth.

C. Naff

Johnson City, TN

Other XL14i Reviews

Online comments about Trane�s XL 14i are generally positive. However, when a consumer on asks for feedback about the value of this unit, the responses are mixed. Some contractors consider it �a good unit,� others suggest higher efficiency Trane models�notably, the XL15i�for this heat-only installation in order for the consumer to get more bang for his buck. In addition, at least one HVAC professional suggests that Trane�s products, despite their high-end promotional material and bigger price tags, achieve relatively the same performance as other brands, given a quality installation is done.

XL14i Warranty

Trane�s XL 14i heat pump comes with a limited 10-year warranty on the compressor, outdoor coil and functional parts. An optional extended warranty is available for additional coverage including labor, refrigerant and other parts for the length of the agreement.

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