Trane XL 1200 Heat Pumps

Trane XL 1200 Heat Pump Overview

The Trane XL 1200 is a discontinued split system heat pump with an efficiency of up to 13.90 SEER and 8.80 HSPF. It featured a Climatuff compressor and a spine fin coil, and a two-speed fan and a sound insulator on the compressor helped reduce operating sound levels. The cabinet was constructed of full-sided louvered panels with a baked-on powder paint finish which combined with a Weatherguard top to protect the unit from weather hazards.

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Trane XL 1200 Heat Pump Reviews

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"I'll Never Buy Another. It's a Cash Cow."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I started out with my Trane Heat Pumps in 1992. An xl 1200 model with a Variable Speed Air Handler. 5 Ton capacity. It came with 15kw heat strips although contractor quoted 20kw. Heat strip had to be replaced to 20's because inside house temperature would drop 5 degrees every time unit went to defrost cycle. Freeze then thaw. I replaced this unit with a XLi14 outside unit in 2007 but not before I spent $ 5,000 on repairs including 3 compressors on the xl1200. One under parts warranty but cost me $ 600 labor. Most all of the circuit boards had been replaced in the old one at one time or the other. Also three blower wheels. Now the motor in the air handler went out. They want $ 2,500 to replace it since it's no longer available. Dealers want almost $ 5,000 for a new variable speed air handler. The XLi14 does not cool nearly as well as the xl1200. I have 2150 sf of heated area and the 5 ton seems to be maxed out. I've had it serviced regularly and all have checked ok. So far I've spent about $ 20,000 on it including the purchase price. My neighbors all have "builder's model" type units of various manufacturers and none have experienced the trouble I've had and most of their unit haven't been replaced yet nor have they spent anywhere close to as much on repairs as I have. Trane parts are much more expensive then any I've ever bought for other units. Their dealers seems to charge more for their labor too. Trane compressors are proprietary and one would cost a fortune to replace. It's almost impossible to get through to Trane and they will not help you out with any problem you have. I've never been able to get any reply from them. Once the Dealer sells you the unit they don't know you around here. Trane's advertisements are just a bunch of Hype. I say look at other manufacturers units before you consider a Trane. I've owned many other units from other manufacturers and all gave better service than my Tranes. Do your research before you buy, very carefully, including who sells and installs it for you. Some of the local dealers here have in house telemarketers who only want to sell but not service.

Mr Brock

"New Trane can't compete with 18 yr. old Carrier"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I bought a 3.5 ton Trane xl 1200 heat pump in Sept. '05. When it heats up in the summer (over 105) the thing runs for 50 min. Out of every hour. When it tops 110, it runs nonstop and won't cool the house below 79 degrees (I have documented run times several times over the years). The 18 yr. Old Carrier it replaced never had a problem doing this. I only replaced it because it needed service and it was very old. I thought it would be better to put my money into a new, efficient unit. What a mistake. Trane techs have been coming out here repeatedly and tell me that this is normal operation. Really? I thought I'd save electricity by going from an ancient 8 SEER to a 12 SEER. Nope. Not likely when the unit is running all the time. Today they tried to tell me that my house isn't insulated well enough (didn't seem to bother the Carrier). My two next door neighbors (same houses, same insulation) went the cheap route and purchased Goodman units. They do not have these problems. I feel like an idiot for forking out an extra $2K for a (supposedly) top of the line unit which is obviously inferior to the cheapest unit on the market. On top of all that, the installation, by what is supposed to be the top rated Trane dealer in the area, was a complete botch job. The brought the wrong pitch rooftop stand, then they brought the wrong unit (left hand instead of right hand) and rigged my ductwork with flex ducts to make it blow in the right direction. I can't believe I paid top dollar for this. If they offered me my old battered Carrier unit back, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

John G.

Phoenix, AZ


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied


Springfield, MO


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Rick Passan

Bethlehem, PA

Other XL 1200 Reviews

There is a post on about an XL1200 with improper airflow. It turned out that a compressor that had been replaced was installed wrong, causing the problem. There are posts on sites such as about units with capacitor and fan issues.

XL 1200 Warranty

The warranty for the Trane XL 1200 heat pump was comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on the outdoor coil
  • 2-year limited warranty on all other parts

Labor costs were not covered by the warranty. Optional extended warranties were available.

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