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"Trane is A Reputable Brand"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We did a lot of research before replacing our 22 y/o Trane heat pump in 2018. Can't remember what brand our first one was that lasted 20 years, but it required several service calls over the years. We never had any problems with the Trane unit we bought after that, and a lot of times only had it serviced every 2 years. When I see negative reviews about Trane, I do wonder if the installation was more the problem than the actual unit itself. We found in researching new heat pumps that sometimes a heat pump having problems is not inherent to the pump, but to how it was installed. Experienced installers are important in having any unit work well. We used the same local company which has been in business for years, who installed our first Trane. They are about 20% higher than other HVAC businesses in the area, and they are the only authorized Trane dealer in the immediate area. So based on our past experience, we chose Trane as our replacement. We've only had the new unit a little over 6 months, using heating and cooling. So far (knock wood), it is doing extremely well. The installer was very efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful in answering questions about the unit. The service provided by the company has always been the first rate. And we were advised with the newer models it is important to have the unit checked twice a year, which we will do.

C Fox

Radcliff, KY

"Noisy operation"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this series XL18i installed in Mar 2014, after 12 house calls in less than 2 years the company that installed the unit were very understanding, they replaced the complete unit at no charge. My complaint is the new outside unit has a very loud rattle each time the compressor engages! like it's coming apart. I've had 3 house calls, the technician always says there is nothing they can do about the noise. My old Trane lasted 22 years, this one is a pile of junk, it's cost me lots of money and headaches.

R. Cole

Flint, TX

"Terrible support"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New heat pump installed in April of 2018. This winter was the first season. The unit kept freezing up. Our service company came out and found a defective part. They replaced the part. The part was covered by the warranty, but the labor and service were not covered. Two service calls cost me $1325.00 Because of the defect my electric bill was $100.00 more than usual. Total cost $1525.00. Trane refused to help with the cost. Never again

Joe Joseph

North Carolina

"Loud noise when heat strip comes on"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Our heat pump is the side of the bedroom and when the temperature if below 20 degree, turning on making a very loud noise!



"Broke down again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Well built new house put a Trane heat pump in. Every year it broke down but hey under warranty no big deal then 2 weeks after warranty compressor goes out $700 I pay. Well, it's been making me think hmmm maybe it's not crap? But guess what another compressor locks up so. Is it normal to spend the average cost of $250 bucks a year and the unpleasant cold with dealing with getting it fixed??? Is this normal with all heat pumps? I'm going to replace it but is Trane junk or are all heat pumps high cost to keep running

Steve Ayers


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