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Trane Elite Heat Pump Reviews

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"I am very satisfied and would recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing one."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've owned the heat pump for about a year now. It seems to be very efficient and our energy bills are much lower than they were before I had it installed. Our previous heat pump was very old and had broken down several times. I have never had to repair or replace the pump, but I would not expect to this quickly in its life cycle. I am most impressed by the energy savings that it has generated and also by the fact that it is much quieter than the pump that was here before. You can barely tell that its on most of the time, even when outside near it. I would definitely buy the same brand again and I would recommend it to a friend.

Fairport, NY

"Very satisfied with our heat pump. We have had it for two years now."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've owned our heat pump for two years now. It has been a very efficient investment for us. I like that it is a one-stop shop in that it provides the heating AND cooling. The only thing I can say that I sort of disliked was the price of the unit. It is rather costly up front, but it is worth it over time with the electricity bill. Our old unit was not very efficient at all and cost us big time in electrical bills. We have not had to have our unit repaired yet. We do get maintenance performed on it regularly in hopes that it can stay in good shape and last us a long time. I would buy this same brand again and recommend this to a friend. My friend actually purchased this exact same heat pump shortly after we did. She was impressed with its performance and efficiency too.

Iowa City, IA

"The machine is absolutely wonderfull"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my Heat pump for about Six months now and its absolutely the best I have ever seen. It has alot of selections and very easy too use. It also dosent use alot of enegry. I have never had too replace any parts on the machine and I can honestly say I have Not one complaint about the product once so ever.

Hinesville GA

"Me and My Heat Pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I got my heat pump installed when I first moved into my current home. I did not get to do much research on the system beforehand simply because of circumstance but I'm happy to say today that I do not truly regret what happened and I would not have picked a more reliable Heat pump. I have had this heat pump for about 6 years now and it has been just wonderful. I have had only the compressor go bad on me which was about a year ago and it was still under the 10 year warranty so I had really nothing to worry about. I got a new compressor and the Heat pump started pumping like new again! One thing I really like is that it qualifies for an energy tax credit! Which was wonderful and I did not even know that it did until recently but I will for sure take advantage of that fact now! I think that TRANE is a good company and I would recommend them to anyone. This heat pump has not given me much to dislike to be honest!


"Heat Pump Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my Trane heat pump about 3 years ago and have been very satisfied so far. We have never experienced any major problems. I did research before my purchase and found that the majority of Trane customers are very satisfied. The Trane brand is very reliable and receives constant and consistent positive feedback. I ran across a few reviews from customers explaining small repairs and parts that needed replaced after several years but always read how Trane was very helpful, friendly and provided fast service. The only problem we've experienced is the heat pump freezing up during last winter. The problem was not because of the unit itself, but because of a leaking gutter dripping water onto the top of unit. A tech came out to take a look and he quickly solved the problem. Luckily the problem was caught soon enough that it did not cause any damage to the system or result in an expensive repair bill. The gutter system was repaired and have not had any problems with the unit since. What I love about my Trane is how quietly it runs! My electric bill has also went down. I would recommend a Trane to my friends and family.

Savannah, GA

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