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Trane XV90 Furnace Overview

The XV90 was Trane’s top-of-the-line condensing gas warm-air furnace until it was discontinued in 2008. (Current top-of-the line models include the XV95 and the XC95M). The furnace was Energy Star┬« rated with an AFUE of 93% or better. (Trane does not make an oil furnace in the XV90 line, although it does in its XV80 line.)

The XV90 was a two-stage model with a variable speed blower. (This reduces the operating cost of the furnace when it’s not too cold as compared to a single-stage model.) It has built-in diagnostics, which the company claims can reduce maintenance time and costs should problems occur. The design of the XV90 furnace is CSA certified.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XV90

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilter Size(s)
Upflow / Horizontal17.5″17x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal21″20x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal24.5″24x25x1

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XV90


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  • #7 of 17 Trane Furnace
  • 37.93% of customers recommended

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Trane XV90 Furnace Reviews

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"Nothing sounds like a Train–except a Trane furnace"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Trane xv90 is 14 years old, but with limited use (supplemented by other heat source) in a moderate climate, it has had about 1/3 of expected normal usage over that time period. Though the company sales ‘literature’ stated that a Trane is so quiet you will hardly know when it’s operating……the inducer draft motor was unacceptably loud from day 1. Trane representative replaced it 4 weeks after initial installation and it was still annoyingly loud (unless tv drowned it out), especially in light of expectations generated by Trane. Over time, with wear, the noise from the unit came to resemble a jet aircraft engine. Just replaced the inducer and circuit board with a conversion kit ( original emc inducer motor no longer manufactured) with parts and labor retailing at $1,600. It now operates more quietly than it ever has.This Trane furnace has been an overly expensive gas delivery system. Next time I’ll go for simpler and send a bit more to the gas company and much less to Trane and various service personnel.

Portland, OR

"Duped Customer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I like this product as it met with out idea of an economical heating system that qualified for the rebate program. What I dislike about this product 8 years into ownership is discovering that Trane’s use of a sub quality furnace motor, that was recalled by them and replaced in later models, now as a faithful customer it will now cost me at least 1040.00 to replace this faulty motor.

"New Trane XV90 furnace installed"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

New Trane XV90 furnace installed three years ago. Never an issues. Quite, does its job w/o needing any attention or bring attention to itself. Love it. Make sure you find the right installer. Ours found issues with return duct sizing that shortened the life of our prior furnace(carrier) and reduced its efficiency. They also setup the furnace to have the return duct attached to the bottom of the furnace rather than the side, told me this was more efficient for the blower.

"Clean Effects don’t happen"

3.0 rating

I have a Clean Effects air cleaner on my Trane furnace and I love the furnace, but the Clean Effects is a lousy unit. We moved five years ago and left an American Standard (Trane) high efficiency furnace and a Honeywell air cleaner with the vertical electrostatic wires; this unit worked great (supposedly 80% effective. At the new house we had a Clean Effects installed because of the greater filtering power 98% or so. We have had nothing but dust and lint in the house since. I will never buy another air cleaner from Trane. We did have the cells replaced under the recall, no difference.

Lincoln, NE

"Warm winter"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I recently bought (this last fall) a new furnace for my house. I looked at many brands and models, and decided to buy a Trane xv90 furnace. Decided on the Trane unit based on the cost, the output of the heat, and the quietness of the furnace. I couldn’t be happier with my selection, as the furnace has worked flawlessly for the past few months, even when the temperature got down to below zero for a few days. The furnace has an air cleaner that filters the air that helps keep the dust and pollen from blowing through the house. My monthly gas bill is abut 20% lower than it was last year for the same period of time. I would recommend this unit to any of my friends!


Other XV90 Reviews

Comments on do-it-yourself message boards and heating contractor sites are generally positive about the XV90 furnace.

Trane XV90 Model Numbers

The XV90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TDC040C924B* 91 40,000
TDC060C936B* 91 60,000
TDC080C942B* 91 80,000
TDC100C948B* 91 100,000
TDY060R9V3V* 92 60,000
TDY060R9V3W* 92.1 60,000
TDY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TDY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TDY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TDY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TDY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TDY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000
TUY060R9V3V* 93 60,000
TUY060R9V3W* 93 60,000
TUY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TUY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TUY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TUY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TUY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TUY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000

XV90 Warranty

The XV90 comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects on its primary and secondary heat exchanger. (The lifetime warranty is available only to the original purchasor. A successive owner qualifies for a 20 year warranty on the heat exchangers, providing they have proof of date of purchase.) Trane provides a five-year limited warranty on the furnace’s internal parts. An optional extended warranty is available.

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