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Trane XV90 Furnace Overview

The XV90 was Trane’s top-of-the-line condensing gas warm-air furnace until it was discontinued in 2008. (Current top-of-the line models include the XV95 and the XC95M). The furnace was Energy Star® rated with an AFUE of 93% or better. (Trane does not make an oil furnace in the XV90 line, although it does in its XV80 line.)

The XV90 was a two-stage model with a variable speed blower. (This reduces the operating cost of the furnace when it’s not too cold as compared to a single-stage model.) It has built-in diagnostics, which the company claims can reduce maintenance time and costs should problems occur. The design of the XV90 furnace is CSA certified.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XV90

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilter Size(s)
Upflow / Horizontal17.5″17x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal21″20x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal24.5″24x25x1

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XV90


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  • #7 of 17 Trane Furnace
  • 37.93% of customers recommended

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Trane XV90 Furnace Reviews

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"High Efficiency Condensing Gas Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased two (2) of the above furnaces on June 7, 2002. They were installed by “Diamond Heating” which is now located in Seaside, Oregon. Their phone number is area code 503, 717-1667. I have been continually plagued with repairs, which have been covered by a 10-year extended warranty which I purchased. Their file on work performed is extensive. My extended warranty expired last year of course, and now one furnace needs a complete computer board replacement and the other needs a fan replacement as the bearings have worn out (this has been replaced 3 times). Today (October 3, 2012), I was advised that since my contract expired 4 months ago, that I am facing “considerable out of pocket expenses to make the furnaces functional”. I have no other option than to pay for the repairs, but it seems clear that the equipment has been pre-programmed to fail upon expiration of the warranty. I want you to know that this has been an unfortunate lesson for me but assure you I will never purchase another Trane product.

Astoria, OR

"Trane XV90"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst furnace in the world, nothing but problems since I had it installed. The only thing that saved me was I got a 10 year parts and labor guarantee. Replaced at least 3 circuit boards not to mention all the other problems, I am so sick of this furnace, now it starts and stops several times before it starts up, very annoying and tonight the exhaust blower is making loud noise. They told me it would be 149.00 to come out plus parts and labor. I will be checking into replacing this piece of crap soon.

Whitmore Lake Mi.

"Ignition issue…"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ignition issue � furnace 5 years old – 10 year warranty – I had an issue with only two of the six jets firing, so I contacted Trane via the chat, this is what came of it, the first chat is not there, it was short but was disconnected, I asked about tech support,warranty parts and repairing the unit myself after having over a thousand dollars worth of “repairs” already done by their “quality techs” � below is what was said after that� Kris: Good afternoon. Is this your first tiem contactin us? Andy: Hi Kris – lost connection – Kris: No problem. Regarding the warranty information and self installation correct? Andy: Correct… Kris: Ok, unfortunately, It is critical that our products and Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts be installed and serviced by licensed, qualified independent Trane dealers who have access to product data, service updates, and distributor training. As a manufacturer, we feel that it is in both our customers’ and our best interest to ensure that our product delivers the quality, durability, and comfort we advertise and you expect. Andy: I understand this, but if your “repair people” do nothing but replace parts until it works, where is the value of a “service tech”? Andy: Obviously not being able to diagnose the issue… Kris: I understand. In that circumstance I would contact another dealer for another opinion. Also, these dealers have tech support available to them so they can contact them and get direct support for the units Andy: Parts replacement cost have to be enormous when that is all that is done…why is this tech support not available to customers? – it could save huge amount of replacement part cost because people want it fixed and nothing to gain from it other than a working unit, repair stations (dealers) have to make a living off of it… Andy: I am also told Trane will not cover a service call, only parts…so I have out of pocket for a warranty call along with Trane costs for parts…something is not working here when there is cost coming from two directions… Kris: Our products are heating and air conditioning units. Trane does not sell parts direct, parts and equipment are sold by the regional distributor offices to licensed heating and air conditioning dealers and contractors. Our recommendation is to contact a Trane dealer for service. Kris: Thank you for contacting Trane LIVE chat. Have a great rest of the day Chat Session Ended, Goodbye. (5010) Absolutely blown off, I will never buy or recommend a Trane again�


"Things aren’t built the way they used to be!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnaces should last about 20 years so they say now. How about 12 years and then need a complete mother board costing $1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s more than 25% of what I paid for it. They say “just bad luck, electronics can fail”. I say piece of junk! The dealer I talked with says its not uncommon for that part to fail. How about issuing recall replacement parts! What is uncommon is to find an extra $1200 in my bank account!


"Super furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have now had my Trane high efficiency furnace for (only) 6 months, but I am delighted with it. It is unbelievably quiet, even in the basement! The installation was quick and clean.

Shelburne, ON, Canada

Other XV90 Reviews

Comments on do-it-yourself message boards and heating contractor sites are generally positive about the XV90 furnace.

Trane XV90 Model Numbers

The XV90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TDC040C924B* 91 40,000
TDC060C936B* 91 60,000
TDC080C942B* 91 80,000
TDC100C948B* 91 100,000
TDY060R9V3V* 92 60,000
TDY060R9V3W* 92.1 60,000
TDY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TDY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TDY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TDY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TDY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TDY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000
TUY060R9V3V* 93 60,000
TUY060R9V3W* 93 60,000
TUY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TUY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TUY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TUY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TUY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TUY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000

XV90 Warranty

The XV90 comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects on its primary and secondary heat exchanger. (The lifetime warranty is available only to the original purchasor. A successive owner qualifies for a 20 year warranty on the heat exchangers, providing they have proof of date of purchase.) Trane provides a five-year limited warranty on the furnace’s internal parts. An optional extended warranty is available.

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