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Trane XV90 Furnace Overview

The XV90 was Trane’s top-of-the-line condensing gas warm-air furnace until it was discontinued in 2008. (Current top-of-the line models include the XV95 and the XC95M). The furnace was Energy Star® rated with an AFUE of 93% or better. (Trane does not make an oil furnace in the XV90 line, although it does in its XV80 line.)

The XV90 was a two-stage model with a variable speed blower. (This reduces the operating cost of the furnace when it’s not too cold as compared to a single-stage model.) It has built-in diagnostics, which the company claims can reduce maintenance time and costs should problems occur. The design of the XV90 furnace is CSA certified.

Furnace Filters for the Trane XV90

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilter Size(s)
Upflow / Horizontal17.5″17x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal21″20x25x1
Upflow / Horizontal24.5″24x25x1

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XV90


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  • #7 of 17 Trane Furnace
  • 37.93% of customers recommended

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Trane XV90 Furnace Reviews

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"13-year life?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our two XV90 (propane) furnaces were installed in the summer of 2003 (in a duplex, two units). Every year at least one of the furnaces has needed some very major & expensive parts replaced, none were covered under warranty �� repairs & the labor have averaged about $1,000/year (mostly due to parts cracking or breaking internally). All service & cleaning have been done by the local dealer every year, for both the furnaces and two air conditioners ($100/unit = $400/year). Have never had a problem with the air conditioners, just the furnaces, about equally. Today we just found out that the igniter module & mother board need to replaced on one and the other furnace may need it soon, cost may be nearly $3,000 each. When the furnaces are working, they are really great and quiet, but the annual repairs-replacements are just unreasonable; in 12 years we have spent $11,000 in repairs (as much as the original cost of both units in 2003), plus the annual maintenance total of $5,000. I cannot recommend Trane Furnaces, much better to stay away (I purchased because they used to be excellent and highly recommended in the 90’s, but not these days from my personal experience), next summer these two will be replaced, researching other brands now. The Trane dealer & servicemen have always been very professional & well trained, prices & labor are always ‘standard-by-the-book’ (but seem way too high to me), nice facilities & vehicles, and 3�5 day service.

Eaton Rapids, MI

"12 years is the lifetime for XV90"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Well, same story as that of others here. XV90 built in 2002, same problems with inducer motor, same proposal to replace the whole set of the motherboard, motor and harnesses, all for $1000 (+$500 labor) with 1 year of warranty. Versus new furnace for about $5000 total and 10 years. When it died first, as I understood, the motor does not reach necessary speed and the controller won’t proceed with ignition. I recognized my exhaust pipes are long through the whole basement and not too big in diameter, so I’ve replaced the in- and out- air pipes for bigger ones, and re-traced the condensate drainage away from the inducer, because originally the condensate flows inside the motor (what a stupid idea!). Believe it or not, but that has solved the problem, and cost me only about $300 and a half-day. Though this fix worked for only 1 year, till now. Now the same thing happened again and apparently this time it’s not related to limited air flow, but rather to excessive friction in the motor or something like that, but in any case, the root cause is in the threshold level of minimal rotation speed of the inducer motor, programmed in the controller, and if by any reason the motor can’t reach this minimal speed, the controller won’t proceed with ignition and will keep turning the motor on and off infinitely. Now, the Trane offers this kit to be replaced, I assume with smaller threshold speed level, but I’m not sure if I really want to proceed this way, especially living in New England with three kids in the house. The bad thing is this always happens when it’s too cold to think too long about what to do next, and so my final decision is to replace this junk with another brand and never turn back to Train.

Franklin, MA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

3 units installed 2007. I replaced the gas rollout sensor on 2 of them 3 times, the igniter on two of them twice and the thermocouples 3 times. There has been sporadic gas tube action on two units many times, with improper ignition and sporadic flame. This equipment is junk.


"Don’t choo choo choose this Trane"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

As I write this, I’m trying to decide whether to invest another $1000 in repairs to my Trane or to throw it on the fire to keep warm tonight. Based on my experience with Trane, I think the fireplace is the best investment of my money. I bought a home six years ago that, unfortunately, has a Trane furnace in it. The furnace is a 2005 XV 90. I thought it was great to have a home with a three year old furnace in it. After one year, on the 23rd of December, my Trane broke down. It was minus 35 Celsius that night, and for the next three days. As it was the holidays, I couldn’t get parts until the 27th. It turned out to be the circuit board and cost me about $1,000. Happy Xmas! I had noticed a build up of water in the lower chamber of the furnace, and that the drain pipe emptied into this area. I rerouted the pipe to the exterior of the furnace to ensure that moisture would not get into that area. I am fortunate to have a wood burning fireplace in my living room and a gas insert in the basement. Year two: the same thing happened in January the following year. This time, my service tech took both of the boards to his supplier, who thought it was a condensation issue. There was visible staining on both circuit boards. My service tech, in an effort to “stem the tide”, caulked around all of the wires and seals. I’m pleased to say, the fix worked. The following year, one of the fans gave up the ghost. For all they’re cheap, crap parts, it still set me back about $650.00. It’s October now in Calgary and cooling off. Why am I shocked, then, that my furnace has broken down again. Never does it during the summer. It’s the circuit board again. This time it appears to be burnt. Do I spend another grand on this derailed Trane, or do I burn the money to keep warm? Hmmm… let’s have a fire. I’m not spending another dime on this thing. Whatever you do, don’t buy a Trane. You’re better off lighting your cash on fire, it’ll keep you warmer.

Calgary, Alberta

"Inducer Motor Madness"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Our unit is 12 years old and the inducer motor smoked. Okay, let’s replace the inducer motor. No way, says Trane. You now need to purchase a complete replacement kit that “supersedes” (Trane terminology) the OEM motor which includes a complete new electronic board. So the tech comes out, takes one look at the unit and kit and says, now he knows why this job is “so expensive” as simply replacing the motor. Would take about 30 minutes while replacing the entire board and all the supplemental wiring would take almost 2 hours and of course, there was the additional price of the board itself. I contacted Trane and suggested that I would have been fine with just replacing the motor and if Trane wanted to upgrade this unit, they could cover the cost of the upgrade or make the original motor available. Trane said, no option, it’s the kit or nothing. I now understand the inducer motor fails often. If this was a car, this would be a recall. Trane is dropping the ball on this and alienating customers.

Hillsborough NJ

Other XV90 Reviews

Comments on do-it-yourself message boards and heating contractor sites are generally positive about the XV90 furnace.

Trane XV90 Model Numbers

The XV90 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
TDC040C924B* 91 40,000
TDC060C936B* 91 60,000
TDC080C942B* 91 80,000
TDC100C948B* 91 100,000
TDY060R9V3V* 92 60,000
TDY060R9V3W* 92.1 60,000
TDY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TDY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TDY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TDY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TDY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TDY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000
TUY060R9V3V* 93 60,000
TUY060R9V3W* 93 60,000
TUY080R9V3V* 92.5 80,000
TUY080R9V3W* 92.5 80,000
TUY100R9V4V* 93 100,000
TUY100R9V4W* 93 100,000
TUY120R9V5V* 92.5 120,000
TUY120R9V5W* 92.5 120,000

XV90 Warranty

The XV90 comes with a lifetime limited warranty against defects on its primary and secondary heat exchanger. (The lifetime warranty is available only to the original purchasor. A successive owner qualifies for a 20 year warranty on the heat exchangers, providing they have proof of date of purchase.) Trane provides a five-year limited warranty on the furnace’s internal parts. An optional extended warranty is available.

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