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Trane XL1200 Furnace Overview

The Trane XL1200 is a discontinued single package, gas heating and electric air-conditioning system. Achieving up to 13 SEER and 80 percent AFUE, this series is available in nine models that vary from 2 to 5 tons. Units have a cooling capacity of up to 60,000 BTU/H and heating output of up to 96,000 BTU/H.

The XL1200 is promoted by the manufacturer for its durable, quiet operation. It features a two-stage gas valve for heating, an insulated cabinet and a two-speed blower motor to help keep operation noise at a minimum. A baked-on powder paint finish and corrosion-resistant screws also are designed to offer extra protection.

Additional features of the XL1200 include a direct spark, two-speed ignition, Trane’s proprietary Climatuff compressor, a fan trim ring, and a wraparound coil guard.

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XL1200


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  • 90% of customers recommended

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Trane XL1200 Furnace Reviews

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"Almost makes me wish it stays cold"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

New XV95 furnace. Very happy. Quality is top notch, this thing even weighs more than the others. We’ve had a long and cold winter and this furnace puts my prior furnace to shame. Couldn’t be happier, sure it costs a bit more than some others but its worth it. We have a larger house(4,000sqft). This furnace never had a problem, someohow it even got rid of some of the cold spots in the house with creating a bunch of hot spots. Was told this was due to the 2 stage blower being more effective.

Toledo, OH


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

“XR 90” Wonderful furnace – no issues in three years!

Akron, Oh

"Great furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed a new Trane 90 furnace. Installers were great and the system has been flawless. Our old system has so many installation flaws that resulted in the prior system prematurely failing. Look out for undersized return ducts, gas pressure issues, leaking air-handler(rusted the heat exchanger), leaking ducts and undersized system(causing system to work much harder than designed). All these were issues with our prior installation. To those that doubt – yes bad installation causes issues such as blower motors burning out, circuit board shorting out due to spikes from blower motor, etc. Our prior system was a mid-line Carrier set-up, the issues were with the installation and not the brand. The Trane systems has been great, very happy.

Alliance, NB

"Very Staisfied"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Built a new home and chose Trane over Lennox and Carrier. It’s a large home with over 4,000sf. We got one of the larger systems they made, and put in zoning. I suppose most major brands have allot in common, we selected Trane partly because of the installer. It’s been 1 year now and the system has worked perfectly. Make sure you do your homework and understand how the systems work together. A good installer should be able to point out what works best.

Shawano, WI


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought our furnace in 1999 and have averaged at least one repair per year. Everything from control boards to igniters. We have spent a bout $1300 in repairs. I can’t reccomend to anyone to buy one except it has heating well when it did run. We have been without heat several times including 20 below weather.

Other XL1200 Reviews

Consumer forums such as and post a series of troubleshooting inquiries about the XL 1200. Questions commonly include problems with the unit failing to heat, broken components, and simple general maintenance issues. However, several of these posts are more than 10 years old, clearly showing the model's age.

Contractors on these forums do mention that the XL1200 is a dependable unit that should provide years of reliable service if properly maintained and installed. Still, some note this unit may not be the best choice to keep around the home for maximum efficiency. Because this dated unit has a low SEER and AFUE, homeowners will be paying more to heat and cool their home than with a newer HVAC product. An expensive repair for this unit generally is not recommended.

Trane XL1200 Model Numbers

The XL1200 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
DCY024F1LOA* 80 40,000
DCY030F1MOA* 80 56,000
DCY036F3H0A* 79 100,000
DCY048F3H0A* 79 125,000
YCX048G1HOA* 96.4 98,000

XL1200 Warranty

Trane provides a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and outdoor coil and a 20-year limited warranty on the unit's heat exchanger. All other parts receive an additional 2-year limited warranty.

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