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"Broken down after only 12 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This Trane furnace (sv9) essentially broke down after just 12 years of service since a plastic piece in the control unit cracked leading to a small leak of carbon monoxide into my house. My choice now is replace the control unit and plastic part (that may break again) for $3200 or the entire furnace for another Trane for $4800. These furnaces provide no value and I will go with a York now. Good riddance Trane.

Michael Z


"They blame everything but the furnace!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Beware: Had the Trane Furnace, Air-conditioner, Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner, model 2400 and Aprilaire Auto Humidifier model 768 installed on May 30th, 2001. This Trane furnace came with a 10 year warranty. What they don't tell you is: I was having water problems, coming from who knows where, " Trane people" blamed it on the Humidifier, in which they put in. The water shorted out the Circuit board which I ended up paying for. The water damage was so bad, that the bottom of my furnace looked to be 30 years old with all the rust on the bottom of the unit. The funny thing about the experts who came out to service their unit didn't see NO residue inside the furnace which would of indicated it was coming from that humidifier. Also, had a problem with the Furnace regarding Blower Motor, also due to the water damage. And that happened 1 week after the 10 warranty was up. When I called and explain the history of my furnace they said sorry its off the warranty, yet I still had to pay for the Circuit board, so ask yourselves before you buy, cause this could happen to you!! I have never been so unhappy with a furnace or the way they treated me in all my life. When we replaced that furnace, it turned out it had a cracked secondary heat exchange which would of created that water leak. But their experts never found that problem. I did when I replaced the unit.

William A. and MaryLynne Sobotka

Homer Glen, IL

"Day old and don't work"

3.0 rating

Just had a new furnace and central air installed today. The air works great, but the furnace don't work. Installer said that the service guy will have to work on it. I spent $10,000 dollars and this is what you get. Hope this is not a start to my headaches. Did a lot of research and it was between a Trane and York. Hope I did not make a bad decision.


Logansport, IN

"Compressor failed on heatpump"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Our compressor on our Trane heat pump/air conditioner. After 1 and a bit years. Even though we did not purchase the extra labor warranty because who could stop a TRANE. Laugh out loud Something did. And they don't even know what. Yes we got a new compressor, but the installation was 1500.00! So Trane has just lost many customers from our strata that just passed that the 61 units here could install them.

At Kylo

Courtenay, B.C

"Rotten control board"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Trane in 2006, and was very satisfied until 2015 when the igniter went and control board shorted out for no reason. $800 in repairs. Now, 14 months later, warranty is expired, it blew again, along with the igniter and capacitor. $1000. Furnaces are supposed to last longer than this. The board is made in Mexico, perhaps that has something to do with it. I came to this site to find the best brand so I know what to buy the next time it goes.

I Stroh


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