Trane XR15 Central Air Conditioners

Trane XR15 Air Conditioner Overview

Trane’s XR15 is a discontinued air conditioner which was promoted by the manufacturer as a reliable and highly efficient unit that can help homeowners benefit from low cooling costs. Available in nine models, it had a SEER rating of up to 17, and qualified as an Energy Star product when installed as part of a compatible HVAC system.

The XR15 was equipped with a Climatuff compressor that was surrounded by its own sound insulator. The Spine Fin outdoor coil, made of aluminum, provided increased heat transference and was designed for low air resistance. Not only was the outdoor coil resistant to corrosion, but so were the zinc-coated Weatherguard fasteners on the full-side louvered panels. These galvanized steel panels were part of the Quick-Sess cabinet, which provided complete protection of the coil. For additional assurance, the DuraTuff base pan was corrosion-resistant.

For an attractive appearance, theXR15 air conditioner was coated with a baked-on powder paint. For further indoor comfort, accessories including a humidifier, air cleaner and ventilator were available. Trane also offered remote access to the home’s climate control system through your laptop, tablet, or smart phone with Nexia Home Intelligence.

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XR15


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Trane XR15 Air Conditioner Reviews

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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Replaced a 7 year old Carrier junk pile that died after only 7 years – No Warranty coverage, despite yearly maintenance. Replaced A/C system with Trane XR15, also upgraded thermostat to TR900 to do a better job of managing humidity(another Carrier flaw). Great system for close to 5 years. Quite and dependable – very impressed with Trane and the HVAC Company that did the install.


"Trane A/C"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Late last year had a new Trane A/C System installed. The XR15 has done a great job. Now that we are hitting the high humidity summer months I am working with my contractor to deal with higher than acceptable humidity in the house. Our prior system was undersized so it ran all the time, while inefficient it did have the benefit of removing allot of humdity. The new system, while sized correctly, does not run long eneough to remove the same amount of humdity. The contracor has been great, the came out and reset some of the Comfort-R settings. I also started running a dehudifier in the basement this week. We'll see how it goes. Been impressed with the installer and the Trane hardware.


"Jump on the Trane"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

3 years with a new Trane A/C unit XR15. Its been great, its a matched system with a Trane Coil and furnace. Never an issue. Very Satisfied.

Mark S.

Atlanta, GA

"Great Choice"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My Trane is 6 years running – XR15 A/C. Nothing but compliments for how this system is made. The A/C is right outside my bedroom window, I can't hear it at night, which was a priority. The system is larger than by prevoous unit, both in tonnage and diminsions. Its been a troube free system and keeps my house cool w/o any noise/fuss. Also, had a great installer.


Atlanta, GA

Other XR15 Reviews

When it comes to the XR15, many homeowners and HVAC dealers posting on other online discussion forums seem to agree that it has a nice appearance and effectively cools the home while lowering cooling costs. Among the few complaints posted on forums such as are issues with the unit’s noisy operation. In addition, some online reviews include comments indicating it is an overly high-priced unit when compared to others that offer similar results.

XR15 Warranty

Trane provides a 10-year warranty on the XR15’s compressor, outdoor coil and internal functioning parts. However, the product must be registered within 60 days of installation in order for the warranty to be activated. Failure to register the air conditioner in the 60-day period will result in the application of the base limited warranty.

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