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Trane XL19i Air Conditioner Overview

The Trane XL19i air conditioner carries a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of up to 19.5 making it one of the most efficient ACs on the market. As with most high efficiency air conditioning units, the XL19i contributes to lower energy bills, promotes a quiet operation, and is equipped with materials that will last over many years.

Other features of the XL19i include:

  • Multi-stage fan
  • Full-slide louvered panels
  • Sound insulators on the compressors

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XL19i


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  • #16 of 24 Trane Air Conditioner
  • 14.29% of customers recommended

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Trane XL19i Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Trane lets me down again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Don't buy a Trane air conditioner; very expensive but they fall apart right after warranty. My compressor rusted out at the fitting into the tank; well made products do not do this. Trane would not help me out at all. They wasted out a lot of my time while I was sick in a very hot house. Terrible company, over-priced product, buy another brand. You've been warned. Professor o


Hollywood, FL

"Not sure who to be the most upset with!"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I had a Carrier contractor for 8 years and it was starting to cost money. I thought I would end the hassle by buying the very best I could buy and of course the Trane name came up. I contacted the maintenance company I was with for some years and the sales person came out. I guess I was an easy sell for the XL19i as I wanted the best and was willing to pay for it! I got it with all the bells and whistles. I expected this ultra high tech piece of machinery would and could last the rest of my life considering I had basic Carriers that lasted 25 years where I live in the Phoenix area where it is as hot as it can get. While the problems started from the beginning with the installers not being able to get the unit started for 3 days I knew this might not be as great as I thought. Things seemed to be going fine for 3 years until one day the unit was blowing hot air and the tech who came out said the compressors were gone and had to be replaced. Well they couldn't get any for 4 days so I had to stay in a motel and then when they did get the compressors in they couldn't get the house any cooler than 80. My normal daytime temperature was 78. They didn't seem to know what to do so they just started replacing parts and some of them were major parts. This was done at no charge as part of my contract. Well it took 3 weeks to finally get the unit to get to 78 after they replace a major unit in the attic where the second part of the HVAC unit is located. I won't get into part names as for the purposes of this it doesn't matter. It was at that time I learned that I was sold one of the last units that used the R22 Freon and that by law those units could no longer be made as of 2010! I was also told that the government would allow the chemical companies to still make the environmental unfriendly R22 until 2020 but it was going to get very expensive and the parts for any of the R22 units from any company might no longer be available. I was not told at the time of purchase by the dealer or by Trane that I was buying an obsolete unit and the ramifications of this. So anyway, they got the unit to run at 78 again, at least if it went on very early in the morning, as once it got to the heat of the hot summer day it would not go down any further, just hold that temperature but run a lot. This was crazy but they didn't know how to fix it and Trane was totally unresponsive. I filed a Better Business Bureau case against them and the dealer. Trane never did come to the house but reviewed a report and said they felt the unit was fine, it was that the copper tubing was 7/8" and they wanted 1 1/8" tubing which meant they would have had to tear into my house walls to replace the tubing. That is total bs as I have many neighbors who have changed out their AC and every one of them got the system working fine with the tubing that came with the house. This was later clarified when I pressed Trane that since my tubing run was only 35 feet the 7/8" was fine. This has been a particularly brutal summer and I like to work out in the house and of course you sweat and that cool air coming in isn't comfortable but I can't turn up the unit for an hour or so to shower as it won't go back down again. The unit runs constantly trying to go down but doesn't until the sun goes down. Obviously there is something still very wrong. The dealer has sent 3 service people out and they took all of their measurements about static pressures, CFMs, bla bla bla and when the "expert" came in he said he didn't even have to go look as he knew the problem was that my ducting needed to be changed. The unit was too strong for the duct work and the airflow wasn't proper. Of course I asked, well when and before they sold me the unit why the house was not surveyed to see if the ducting was proper for the new unit they were selling me versus maybe a smaller unit going in. He just said, well, sales people aren't trained for that so they sold me what I wanted!! It was a pretty half ass answer but it was true! Most of these dealers could care less except to sell you something even it wasn't right for the house. And I still don't believe him, by the way. But, if it were true the salesperson would have had to tell me that in addition to the $12,000 I paid for the unit there would be another $6,000 for ducting and that may have/would have blown the deal. Now the service "expert" says the only way to get it straight is to change all the ducting for $6,000 and then check the unit again as it may have been "stressed" by the lack of proper airflow so parts may have to be changed, including the compressors. Then of course it is only a small amount of time and I will need a new unit that takes the A410 gas versus the R22 I was sold so I might as well get ahead of the curve and get it now. He thinks if I get another unit with the ducting I can get a nice rebate for the old one! More bs! I am going to have another more reputable dealer come out, at least by the BBB standards and by word of mouth, to give my ducting a complete technical review and see where things really lie. What a mess, and I thought I was solving all my problems by buying the best. I guess when it comes to AC things are in their own bubble! Doubt if I will ever buy Trane again just based on the fact that I was not informed of the obsolete model I was buying and what it meant in the future!!! Bad business!

T. Griffin

Sun City, AZ

"Never, never buy a Trane"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed 3 new Trane units in my new custom home since they were supposed to be the best. That was late 2008. Every year they break down for one thing or another. The XL19i unit has had 3 sets of compressors and now they are out again. Each time I have to pay for the Freon and labor out of my pocket, $800 each time. Enough is enough. Under the lemon law this should be replaced at no charge but all Trane wants to do is sell me another unit that has replaced the XL19i model since it has been discontinued. I read about other people having the same problem over and over again. There has got to be a better resolution to this embarrassing company quality issue!

Paul Waner

Choctaw, OK

"Trane AC my worst nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have two Trane AC units in my house and every year I had to fix twice. I am almost finished my warranty time and I paid on each one unit about $3,000 in repairs. They sell Trane like the most wonderful air conditioner, but the real world is the Trane brand is totally a disaster, because I do not want to say bad words.

Carlo forlano

Port St. Lucie, FL

"Breaking down after 5 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Air conditioner is not cooling, it will not shut off when temperature is reached and keeps popping the main circuit breaker. I called the contractor who installed the unit in 2010. I paid $14,500.00 for the unit, now 5 years into the warranty. They came out on July 12 and changed the capacitor, relay and three pole low side switch ($649.00). Two days later the unit again popped the main circuit breaker, still not cooling and will not shut down. Two day later, July 14, the technician came out and added a little Freon. Called again on July 24, stating the unit was still popping the main breaker. On July 30 they came out and cleaned the coils….they didn't do a very good job because they didn't spray anything on the coils because the pan was full of debris. Found when I called again on September 2nd to have them send out a qualified technician that knows how to troubleshoot a unit. The new technician said I needed a thermal expansion valve ($941.00). I thought all internal parts of the furnace had a 10 year warranty. They tell me they do not. Now I have spent $1,500 and the unit is still popping the main circuit breaker and will not shut off when temperature is reached. I have a 5 year contract but unfortunately it's with this same contractor. I wonder how many more parts guys they will send out to change a part that will not fix the unit. Where are the good troubleshooters when you need one. I guess they don't make them anymore. All they are sending me are poke and hope kind of guys. Change this part and hope it works; if not, change another. Burning up in Tucson. I will never again buy a Trane.

Jesus Ramos

Tucson, AZ

Other XL19i Reviews

Some consumer comments from sites like seem to think that it costs more to run the XL19i than other brands. Other comments relate to installation problems. When having your unit installed, it is advised that a professional completes the task to avoid future problems.

Trane XL19i Model Numbers

The XL19i is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
2TTZ9030A1 19.5 34,400
2TTZ9036A1 19 37,800
2TTZ9036C1 19 41,000
2TTZ9048A1 17.5 49,000
2TTZ9060A1 17 59,000
2TTZ9060C1 17 63,500

XL19i Warranty

Trane offers the following limited warranty:

  • Outdoor coil -10 years
  • Internal functional parts – 10 years
  • 12 year limited warranty on the compressor

To benefit from the warranty as stated as above, you must register your unit within 60 days of installation. If not, the Base Limited Warranty will be applied.

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