Trane XL15i Central Air Conditioners

Trane XL15i Air Conditioner Overview

The Trane XL15i air conditioner is discontinued, and has a SEER of 16.50. (SEER is a measure of the efficiency of a central air conditioner). Cooling capacities range from 18,000 to 60,000 BTU/h.

In the range of Trane products, the XL15i falls between the XL16i and the XR15 in terms of cost and efficiency. Trane describes this model as particularly quiet and notes that it also comes with an indoor air filtration system.

The XL15i uses R-410A (more commonly known as Puron) refrigerant. This is a newer type of refrigerant, replacing Freon, which has proven damaging to the ozone layer.

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XL15i


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  • #9 of 24 Trane Air Conditioner
  • 38.46% of customers recommended

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Trane XL15i Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Very Unsatisfied"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2009 purchased this unit problems problems problems. 2016 had to wait five days for parts, 2019 four days waiting on parts. In between 2009- 2019 always have issues look at my service records. I will not do this again with Trane.

G. Houston

Albany, GA

"Don't buy one"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Hasn't worked correctly since it was new. Don't buy a train system ever.

matt livingston

Williams, IN

"Best thing we've done"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have a split level with an attached Florida room which gets the afternoon sun. I live in Pennsylvania so our summers are hot. When we had it installed we were worried it would not cool the entire house. Well, we are very happy and very cool. It was one of the best investments we have made. Debbie P.

Debbie P.

Yardley, PA

"Evaporator coil leakage after 5 years"

3.0 rating

We had to install 2 Trane XL15i units back in 2011 after 2 Trane AC died miserably after 5 years (evaporator coil leaks). The XL15i, although efficient and quiet, nonetheless apparently has a badly designed evaporator coil designed to leak after 5 years. Trane warrants the evaporator coil, however Trane does not pay for the labor cost to replace (the labor is $900), 2 technicians at about 5 hours each. Apparently Trane just started to realize that they have a poorly designed evaporator coil and changed it, but for how long will it operate before leaking again is the 64 million dollar question.

Nabil youna

Holly Springs, NC

"Design defects/inferior parts"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had this model installed 5 years ago to take advantage of the federal tax credits, replacing an aging but operable system. The installation was slipshod and rushed. The immediate problem was resulting mold from the enormous heat output and improper installation in our attic, followed by a recommended, inadequate 'fix' . The coil was diagnosed as rapidly deteriorating within a few years and the interior drain pan has plastic parts that cracked, amounting to thousands of dollars in repairs.

J. Alves

Fort Myers, FL

Other XL15i Reviews

Users on generally like the Trane XL15i, although some note that in extremely hot climates its cooling power might fall short. Users prefer this model in frank comparisons with other models (with similar SEER ratings) from Rheem and Lennox, saying that the Trane warranty is particularly good.

Users on have similar opinions, sometimes preferring the XL15i even when it is more expensive than comparable models from Lennox and Bryant. However, some reviewers believe that the XL15i isn’t worth the extra money compared to Trane’s next model down, the XR15.

Folks on definitely notice the extra expense, but most think that it would still be a worthwhile investment. Overall, this model is very popular and positively reviewed.

XL15i Warranty

The XL1i comes with some limited warranties. Trane gives 12 years for the compressor, 10 years for the outdoor coil and 10 years on internal parts. To claim this warranty, owners must register within 60 days of installation (or else a stripped-down version of the warranty goes into effect). The warranty is only valid for residential properties. Homeowners may also purchase improvements to their warranties, including extensions to the coverage time and transferability.

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