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Trane XL 1800 Air Conditioner Overview

At the time of its manufacture, Trane’s XL 1800 air conditioning series consisted of three models ranging from 3- to 5-ton capacities. These discontinued units have cooling capacities ranging from 38,000 to 59,5000 BTU/hour and are capable of reaching up to 18 SEER.

The XL1800 features dual-scroll compressors that the manufacturer says allow for cost-effective, two-stage cooling. In addition, this unit is promoted for its “whisper quiet” operation, through the help of compressor sound insulators and a two-speed fan motor.

A baked on powder paint finish, corrosion- and weather-resistant screws, a protective top, and galvanized steel louver side panels help protect the unit from weather extremes and maintain the exterior appearance over time.

Additional feature include electrical and refrigeration components located on one side for easy service, a two-row spine fin coil for efficient heat transfer, and external braze fittings designed to ensure a leak-free installation.

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Consumer Reviews of Trane XL 1800


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Trane XL 1800 Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Expensive repairs, short service life"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our experience with three Trane XL1800 heat pump/AC units has not been positive. We have three split systems, and the evaporator coils have a very short service life (7-9 years) and are in my opinion very poor quality, and expensive to replace. We've had to replace one compressor in one unit, and one of the variable speed fans which is also expensive. Whatever money you save on your monthly utility bill will be spent on replacing very expensive and marginal quality parts. If we ever build again we would definitely not buy a Trane. Nothing stops a Trane…from costing you money.



"Great Product – Bad Franchises"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

American Standard and Trane make outstanding units. I've had Trane units in 4 of my six homes over the last 35 years. The only trouble I've ever had with 2 of the units was the installation. I've always trusted Trane because of the 10% bad franchises I can always trust another franchise to make issues right. The first unit we had problems with was the Trane 1800xl which the install guys put the service side of the unit up against the house and they bent the fan blades so badly it almost vibrated out of the ceiling. The company that installed the unit was contracted by the builder so we had $700 of repairs to get the unit installed correctly and sent the bill to the builder who did reimburse us. The second unit has been the same issue/different town. If you are having problems with your warranty or equipment find a reputable Trane rep to get the problems corrected.



"Great Equipment"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed in 2001. New home construction. Completed installation myself. Absolutely no problems for the first 10 years. Hit by lightning in spring 2011. Replaced control boards in both furnace and condensing unit. Now ECM motor has failed in the condensing unit. Could be normal wear and tear but lightning sure didn't help any. Anyway I have no complaints and would buy one again.

Steve S.

Oklahoma City, OK

"A Piece of Junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a top of the line XL1800 heatpump six years ago. I have had nothing but problems with it. Today the bearings on the outside compressor failed. This will be the FIFTEENTH breakdown of the unit. Local service by Tolbard in Frederick MD has been atrocious and the heating and cooling bills are averaging $500 per month for this so called "High Efficiency" unit.

Ian S Mccarthy

Frederick MD

"Absolute Garbage —- Anything can stop a Trane"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Based on my personal observation the Trane xli design is extremely poor as the high maintenance items are not easy to access. My advice is that there are many newer high tech units with far better designs and technology for about the same price you expect to pay be a Trane.. So in summary, if you are looking for a a/c replacement look at anything other than a Trane……. read on for more details below The original A/C (4 ton, 13seer contractor grade unit) was installed in 1984 when the house was built. This unit lasted over 18 years. When I had to find a replacement in 2002, I thought I was purchasing a top quality unit when I selected and purchased a Trane 1800 XLI with a compatible indoor airhandler. At that time, this unit was top of the line The outdoor unit is a two stage ramp up / ramp down system that gradually increases fan speed and increases cooling/heating needs. This unit is just 7 years old and has stopped working twice. The first time it cost us over $2,000 dollars to replace the main compressor and repair the evaporator coil. I am assuming a con repairman from a major A/C service company overcharged me for this repair, as all parts were supposed to be covered under warranty. The 2nd occurrence required a replacement of the evaporator coil, + + + a few other items….. In both instances the parts were replaced under the 10 year parts warranty. Each time the labor cost is outrageous. Costs you should not incur as a result of poor quality and workmanship. Based on my research, there are other high quality units from Japan and Korea that available here in the US. A few local companies provide full installation and maintenance service.


Other XL 1800 Reviews

Homeowner forums across the web post varying troubleshooting inquiries about the XL 1800. A weakening compressor, the system blowing warm air, electrical issues, and compressors that fail to turn on are some of the issues posted on and

However, in most of these queries, homeowners mention units nearing 10 years old but do not note any recurring problems. Contractors on also seem to like this unit, saying it is a quality unit, equipped with durable components.

Despite the mixed reviews on this unit, several consumers air complaints about Trane’s customer service and HVAC equipment. Reviews on mentioned Trane’s poor customer service, low quality components, and frequently breaking systems.

Trane XL 1800 Model Numbers

The XL 1800 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
TTZ036A 18 38,000
TTZ048A 16.05 49,500
TTZ060A 16 59,500

XL 1800 Warranty

Trane’s XL 1800 comes equipped with a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and outdoor coil. All other parts receive a limited 2-year warranty. Optional extended warranties may be available through local contractor.

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