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"Awful Company"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

If you're looking for HVAC equipment, you've probably heard the "Nothing Runs Like a Trane" commercials. Well, my experience with them differs a bit. Their slogan should be "Nothing ruins like a Trane" ruins your reputation with your tenants, ruins your day, ruins your family's holiday, and ruins your bank account. My system, which should have been in warranty cost me almost $2000 to fix due to a defective a coil, and Trane weaseled out of their warranty and stuck me with the bill. If you're looking for HVAC equipment, do yourself a favor, don't believe Trane's advertising hype and choose a company that will truly stand behind their product. I contacted them through their website, explained what had happened, and a week later, got a machine-like call from a minimum-wage customer service agent who obviously couldn't care less if I ever bought another Trane system and refused to even consider my warranty claim. Needless to say, I'll NEVER spend a dime with TRANE after this experience and I strongly suggest you heed my warning and avoid them like the plague.


Columbus, Ohio

"Warranty Nothing but a JOKE"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Mailed in Warranty Card called a month later to verify receipt of card was told it was being processed. Now when I need the warranty they indicate it was never received. If it had been received I was told a warranty number would have been issued. Was never told that when I called or was there ever any reference to that on the warranty card or in the warranty manual. It's a first for me that a company issues warranty numbers it was also a first for the contractor who installed unit. Morale Trane only goes to the beat of their own drum and the rudeness of their customer service representatives.

Donna Wiley

Glendale, AZ


4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Well, I must change my mind due to the hard work of Abundant Air and their success in breathing life into Frankentrane. With the help of a specialist at Trane, assorted engineers and a dedicated Abundant employee, the lifeless corpse coughed and started with an accompanying yell from the Abundant Air employee…"It Lives, It lives". As in The Flight of the Phoenix it seems that hammers do have a place in machine repair. Thanks

Duane Purvin


"My Trane is broken my warranty denied.."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Like Frankenstein, my Trane was assembled by craftsmen with wild hopes that their product would come alive, but no, like Dracula left in the sun, it lay there dead in its box. $8100.00 of useless metal that when electricity was applied, sent warm gas from its bowels, made sounds similar to the hammers used to install it. As a multiple stroke victim I sit here in my special chair in 84+ degree heat as the Doomsday Machine hangs above me, inert, silent, watching me sweat and gasp while I read over and over the word Trane, destroyer of my world. New, I was refused a Warranty upon installation because "that is a liability we do not want"..Beware, the next Trane built to Last, 4 minutes, the absence of support and even denial that it exists is what Trane considers customer service. Installer? Dealer Abundant Air will not even take it away at a total loss to me.

Duane Purvin


"Terrible Warranty Policy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our unit is only 5 years old and the condenser coil went out. Our service company did a great job and Trane's customer service were quick to call but didn't do anything to make it right. We are stuck with the bill for labor and gas that leaked out of the unit. I'm just wondering why we are having to pay the labor bill whenever it's their faulty part that caused the problem. We won't buy or recommend another Trane product.



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